Review: Thor: Love and Thunder

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Thor: Love and Thunder is, well, not as good as I would have liked. One thing I try to keep in mind when talking, or writing, about a movie is that other people may like a given movie more than I did. The same us true with books, comic books, and so on. That being said, I thought it was an okay film. Not a great film, nor was it a bad film. It was okay.

Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer

The film does follow Jane Foster’s tale in the Thor comics in that she is dying of cancer, and gains the ability to wield Mjolnir, as well as the effect wielding Mjolnir has on her cancer. Beyond that, the film follows its own patch building on the history developed in the Marvel cinematic Universe.

The bad guy is Gorr the God-Butcher, who is merrily killing gods around the universe, wielding the Necrosword, loosely based on the comics, but also taking its own path in the MCU. The film opens with Gorr and his daughter, setting him up as the Bad Guy for this film. It does diverge from his comics based origin, but most people won’t know that (or care), especially if they never read it. In the end, it works.

Marvel Database Wiki

The film also marks the first appearance of Thor’s goats in the films, which, in the MCU, are a gift from an alien race that Thor helps. Wait, what? A gift from aliens? Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder have been a part of Thor’s story in the comics for a long time, and a part of Norse mythology, pulling Thor’s goat-cart, I mean chariot, through The Nine Realms. Here, in the MCU, the goats end up pulling a Viking Ship through the Realms. Close enough, I guess. And a good use of the pair of goats. Better than ending up on the dinner table, which they did in one of the Norse Sagas. Goat-Boat! Side-note, I do want to get the Goat-Boat Lego set.

One of the best things about Love and Thunder is the Rock and Roll part of the soundtrack, which is heavy on Gunns N’ Roses songs.

Thor - IMDB

Chris Hemsworth continues to prove to be a worthy Thor, and the cast, overall, did a good job with the material handed to them. Russell Crowe appears as Zeus, using a Greek accent (smart move there). For some reason, my Bonnie Bride expected a Roman/Latin/Italian style accent since the Romans usurped the Greek Gods.

The film is a bit weird, and a bit convoluted, and contains scenes that had nothing to do with the actual story, but tossed in so as to make the film hit the two hour mark, To quote a friend of mine, it’s a mess. I tend to agree that it is a bit of a mess, but not badly so. And referring to Asgardians as Space Vikings...H. Beam Piper came up with that first in his novel Space Viking (and yes, it is a good novel, a bit dated, but fun reading).

As I said in the beginning of this post, I found it to be an okay film, and it is worthy of seeing once, just to keep up with what is happening in the MCU. Little Miss, the Bonnie Bride and I are looking forward to the next Black Panther film.

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This one was a little tough to watch but I guess we have to look at it like a journey. Thanks to movies like THOR: DARK WORLD we got to later see THOR: RAGNAROK. There were strange never before seen elements in this film that were truly a head-scratcher and made me wonder why they were only being addressed now. Great post!

yep, I think a lot of people ended up scratching their heads wondering what the heck were they thinking?

I didn't watch it, but don't you think that Thor series is a little bit forced? I didn't like the last one too. For me it is the weaker MCU side , they try to add to much comedy and it becomes almost a joke movie!

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yeah, I tend to agree that it isn't the strongest set of movies, and could be a lot better than they are. You've hit on some of the reasons why I considered this Thor movie as being "okay" and not great like some of the other MCU movies. And Thor has always been one of my favorite Marvel comics! Also, having it narrated as a story being told by another character was a rather odd decision.

and Jane as thor in the comics was one of the greatest saga in the comics in the last 10 years for me!
btw: it is #neoxian and not #neoxion :P

ack! typoes happen, thanks


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