Over Hyped "Pathaan" - Hindi Movie Review

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Bollywood going downside!! This is my take on the Hindi film industry after watching newly release Pathan. After watching few South Indian movies and the standard set up by the industry with respect to story, cinematogrophy , acting, action, vfx and many other stuff, I would say bollywood has downgraded so much that is difficult to match up the with South standard. After watching movies like Kantara, RRR, Pushpa, Varisu the hindi movie Pathaan is standing no where.


Pathaan storyline

The movies is again based on Indo - Pak bitter ties. Pakistan army general choosing an ex Indian RAW agent "Jim" (John Abraham) to take revenge on India. On the other hand "Pathaan" (Shahrukh Khan) is all set to save the nation. He is a present RAW agent and ready to take on dare devil act like that of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Our actress in the movie is "Rubai" played by Deepika Padukone who is an ISI agent from Pakistan. It seems Deepika to be on cloud 9 after attending FIFA world cup opening ceremony. She fell in love with "Pathaan" while working against him.
There are few supporting actors, who has the burden to carry the movie ahead.

Pathaan USP

There were already a lot buzz to #boycott the movies by some religious group in India. The trailer of the movies does created a lot buzz with some dialogues and action scene.
There were lot of anticipation from the movie. As it is a comeback movie of Shahrukh Khan after long interval. The director of the movies is trying to cazh on Shahrukh - Deepika chemistry. However, after watching the movie I feel it is completelly waste of money. Even the body physique show off by the actors is not worth for looking.

Pathaan Review.

After watching the movie over internet, I will rate it in only 1 star.

  • the movie is filled up with nonsense stunts. The actor doing the dare devil act like flying in air (air diving) without glasses and they able to see and heR everything easily.

  • there were bike chase on a snowy surface. I belive if they have chosen, skiing than that would certainly add some value.

  • the story line is between 1999 and 2003, however they were talking about covid virus.

  • Rubai is against India and helping Jim and suddenly she started to help Pathaan. No logic behind it.

The director and the team did tried to woo the audience by giving it a glamorous movie look. But I feel they did too much of it. The movie is not at all worth watching. I feel sorry for those who would be spending over this movie.

watch at your own risk


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Bollywood se aur Kiya hi umeed kar sakte hain. 😅

Bhai pakkk gya kall....

Hahaha.... 😅

Main hun naa

Ko blender mein dal kar movie banayi bol rahe hain log..

Add tiger as well.....he has a guest appearance as well ..


When is an SRK movie not over hyped??

DDLJ ....🙂 heard he spent too much for its promotion

Well, that one we can skip I guess.. The present ones all are over hyped.. No storyline at all..

Action was the main highlight of this movie. I got more than what I was expecting in Action Scenes. Impressed by Deepika’s Action and Fitness. 😀

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