Under the Alolan Sun!

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The way Pokemon Journeys is delivering banger after banger of episodes, I could comfortably become a pokemon blogger on HIVE and retire. Unfortunately pokemon will end someday, which brings us to episode 112.



What an emotional rollercoaster!

To be fair, this episode was more about Alola cementing it's place in the hall of fame as one of the most iconic regions than it was about journeys itself. To those of us who has watched pokemon since we were kids, I was probably 5/6 years old.....this episode was nothing short of a nostalgic overdrive! From watching our favourite 10 year old kid getting booed at the Indigo league by an entire stadium, to watching the entire Alola region cheer for him, chant "Champion! Champion! Champion!" Ash really came full circle!



This was a very powerful scene in the grand scheme of things. While it has been mooted for some time that Ash's journey in Pokemon anime is coming to an end, this episode was the first time that it really felt like the beginning of the end for the kid we envisioned ourselves to be as kids.

It will be a sad day for those of us who have followed "Ash Ketchum From Pallet Town"'s journey for nearly 25 years, but our boy has really come a long, long way.

This episode was the most well written of Journeys, and has even topped the Greninja's return episode! Never thought I'd admit it, but it is what it is. It makes complete sense why the writers didn't make Ash the Kalos champion, instead chose to make him go all the way in the Alola league.

In any other region, Ash would have simply been the winner of the league. In Alola he was is a Champion, their champion!


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