Vitus || Being gifted is a pain in the ass.

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Giftedness is often interpreted as innate talent. When talents are discovered early, it does not mean that you can skip childhood. In some cases it is forgotten that one is a child after all.

The 2006 Swiss movie Vitus is a production that describes some of these situations in the finest detail and shows how being gifted can be a nuisance.


While watching the movie, I made a comparison with the movie Gifted, which I watched a few months ago. In the movie starring Chris Evans, who knows how to create a special audience for himself with his role as Captain America, Mckenna Grace played the character of Marry, a girl who became the center of attention with her superior talents. In the movie Gifted, being gifted was equivalent to not being able to experience childhood enough.

In the movie Vitus, the character Vitus, who was born with abilities that prevented him from living his childhood, tries to reveal his abilities as his parents want him to, and tries to live his childhood thanks to his grandfather.

As in Gifted, the whole story in Vitus is about the ebb and flow between childhood and talents. Vitus, who tries to use his talents when he wants to, offers a very interesting viewing pleasure.

How can a child escape from a world in which he or she is vastly superior? By hiding his talents, of course! I wish I had come up with this answer myself, but Vitus answers the question himself. He deceives even the doctors by pretending that all his abilities suddenly disappear and regress when he hits his head, even though he is still a child. He deliberately lowers his IQ test result. Those moments were definitely worth seeing in the movie.


The movie is also very good in showing how parents can put pressure on their children's development and future careers. It is an unforgivable mistake to expose a child to hours of work and to forget that he is a child, just so that he can be worked on before his talent is lost.

I think especially parents should watch the movie, there are two ways Vitus is treated throughout the movie. The first is the pressure from his parents to develop his talents and the second is his grandfather doing what he has to do. After all, he is still a child!

At some point, the path he took as a result of holding himself back instead of developing his talents and being advised to "play for music when you feel like it, not for anyone else" deserved applause.

Airplanes are more reliable on the ground, but they are made to fly. In the scenes set within this comparison, the necessity of developing talents but not ignoring what the talent owner wants is beautifully staged.

In terms of acting, what I liked the most was the performance of Bruno Ganz as the Grandfather. I enjoyed watching him not only with his fondness for Vitus, but also with his perspective on life and his discourses.

I enjoyed the movie even more and I hope you will watch it. Have a good time in advance!


See you in my next post, all content is my own. @cute-cactus

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This seems captivating enough to want to watch the movie.

I will watch of over this weekend, probably during my leisure.

Thanks for sharing

Have a good time and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Have a good weekend. Thank you very much.

You are welcome

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Pressure in kids is so bad…


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