The Bourne Identity || Being the dirty owner of the unremembered past

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Sometimes I think that the easiest way to get rid of the past is amnesia. Although starting a new life without remembering anything from the past destroys the gains made so far, it may be necessary for some reasons.

When I think like this, I am also aware that looking back too much (to the past) prevents me from seeing what lies ahead (the future).

In fact, I say this with the effect of having seen a good action movie. Not knowing and remembering what you did in the past may arouse curiosity to learn, but when curiosity is satisfied, it may not have the expected effect. This possibility makes the choice of right or wrong for most lives blurred and hard to read. It becomes a reality that only those who live the life in question will know which is the appropriate choice.


Let me tell you the name of the movie without arousing too much curiosity. Made in 2002, The Bourne Identity was a successful production that knew how to reflect tension and action on the screen at the same time.

Matt Damon, who gives life to the character of Jason Bourne, who does not remember anything about his past, has shown a successful performance with his self-loathing and self-loathing personality as his past is revealed. I'm surprised that I haven't seen the movie until now, and I'm not even sure if I've seen it before.


I rarely search for movies by year in order to come across movies that I might have missed or that I might want to watch again to remember. It was through this search that I came across The Bourne Identity, which I just watched.

We often say and hear that every destruction is actually a new beginning. For me, the movie turns into a new beginning just as such a destruction is about to take place. You think and act like Jason as he searches for a past he doesn't remember because he is magically drawn into the movie. Maybe it's a Matt Damon thing because I can't recall his other movies in my memory.


There are moments and times in the past that most people don't want to forget and remember again... I guess I have them too... but I can't imagine what the effect of forgetting the whole past and not being able to remember it would be, but the movie gives me an idea about it.

Maybe it is much better to leave things as they are, to accept them and move on by calling it fate than to know, to wonder. No one wants to be the owner of a life that can be disgusting when learned. If you watch The Bourne Identity, I am sure you will understand what I mean better. For those who are looking for a successful thriller, action genre, I recommend watching the movie with peace of mind. It will be worth your time.


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I'm not sure if this was the movie that ended up catapulting Matt D to stardom, but I think he gives a great performance, as he himself is surprised to discover that he has a series of skills that he doesn't know where or how he learned them but that allow him to defend himself like a cat on a string, I'm almost sure that they never expected this to become the saga that it was, although the last movie of the saga I think it lacked something because it felt very flat, like each one of them is uncovering a very rotten and corrupt world that is behind many intelligence agencies around the world, is based on fiction, but leaves you thinking about how things will be in those institutions, this film and those that follow are my favorites.

It is a classic movie !! but the other movies are not so good!


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