Weekly Writing Prompts by CineTV - #10

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Enough to write about

I don't know about you but I've found myself quite inspired the past week. I have managed to pull inspiration from quite a few different sources and have been able to use these inspirations for my personal blog as well as work tasks. You will see more writing prompts appear in the next weeks as I've been trying to spread them out a bit more now that the CineTV crew is back with the weekly blog posts and more are going to be added in the future as well.

I do love to inspire people by throwing these prompts that may seem strange to inspire someone to write about movies or anything in the category, but as you probably know by now this is simply because my mind can pull ideas from totally unrelated sources quite often and I want to show others how easy it can be to get yourself motivated into writing a blog post every day.

Let's see what I have collected for you this week, and I hope that I can inspire at least a few people here and there.


I had Blonde on my watchlist for a while already, I remember sharing it at the time when it was about to be released on Netflix, but then busy times were ahead and I totally forgot about it until I noticed Ana de Armas was trending on Twitter (see how easy this can turn into a post?) and I decided to watch Blonde that same evening. I have to admit that Blonde is quite the heavy story and sometimes a bit hard to watch but gosh, I think it's definitely worth watching if you haven't done so yet.

Of course this prompt can also inspire you to write about your favorite blonde person in the world, which in my case is my very own youngest daughter. But let it inspire you in any way possible, maybe you saw it and turned it off because it was too heavy to watch for a certain reason. We love reading your personal view on things, so feel free to use this prompt in any way you like!

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Coffee or tea

I'm not sure about you but I'm a coffee person, and I honestly never liked tea in my life. I do enjoy a good golden latte with curcuma nowadays though, that is if it's topped with some frothed milk and honey to sweeten the taste. For the rest, I choose coffee and I'm quite strict with how I want my coffee. In fact, I rarely drink it somewhere else than at home simply because my coffee mind is not easy to please at all!

Maybe you recently saw a documentary about coffee or a show on Netflix, we are all ears when you wish to share this with the community. Feel free to write a blog about it or just respond to the Tweet instead. And yes, tea lovers are just as welcome! :)

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Say cheese! Aha! Do you see what I did here? This cheese writing prompt could even inspire you to write about photography as the person taking a picture could have said "Say Cheese!!" when they want you to smile. But as a Dutchie, I can write a lot of things about the abundance of cheese in Holland and the (so it seems) lack of it abroad if you're used to having it at hand on every corner and in every supermarket.

I never knew how fond I was of cheese until I didn't have many choices available around me anymore when I moved abroad. I have to leave a small note here that I moved to a not so big town at the time where the supermarkets were tiny and I've learned now that we have plenty of Dutch food available in Spain, sometimes it's online only but at least I know where to look now.

I'm very fond of Old Amsterdam, brie and camembert, what about you?

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That's it for this week, next week we are back to share another round of inspiration for your writings in the CineTV community. Make sure to follow our Twitter account and join our discord channel.

See you next week!


Oh you're in Spain now? Nice. Also good prompts! Not sure which movies to write abt yet though...

Yes, since summer :)

Thank you, and you have many things to choose from lol, just pick a random word or picture to inspire yhou..

Good luck!

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