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VIOLENT NIGHT is one of those movies that is on my list of movies to see, d truth that the traier looks great, and is something good that had not been seen in the cinema with Christmas atmosphere, so it will be something different and a new experience !PIZZA

Nice and love Johnny Depp what a ledge!

Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. There are good updates. I believe the community will grow


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Oh boy Johnny Depp, so many great roles.. Let's see if people are going to take this opportunity to grab the tokens! I reminded them on Twitter, hopefully, someone shares a little personal story here!

I really hope so, and it's defo a good chance to grab a nice chunk of tokens at once. They have a great actor to write about. I mean, Johnny is just another actor.

I've always been amazed by the weird roles he had but he owned them all, they fit him like a glove as well. He may be a bit of a nut head but acting he sure can!

oh man, what would be the quintessential johnny depp film????? do you go for the easy road of his multitude of blockbuster films? or do you ease into some of his best, most passionate performances? For me, one of his roles that absolutely moved me the most would have to be Benny and Joon. There is something so pure and raw about his performance in that film that he felt almost as your friend, not just an actor on the big screen. i feel that movie, more than any other of his, solidified his place in my heart as one of my favorite actors.

absolutely wonderful job on the paper this week @hetty-rowan !


I am very grateful for the opportunity to talk about Johnny Depp, one of the best actors ever, here is the link to my post.

Johnny Deep, I would almost say that he is Tim Burton's fetish actor, has proven to be a very competent and chameleon-like actor with a troubled private life that has been affected by the death of River Phoenix at the doors of a club he owned, his stumbles in hotels, his drunkenness at deliveries and his mediatic divorce from Amber Heard.

He has achieved notoriety and popularity for his performance as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, as Tim Burton's Willy Wonka and Burton's Ed Wood.

I really enjoyed his exquisite role in Benny and Joon, a love story where Deep pays homage to silent films, Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton.

I also liked Nick of Time, an interesting thriller where hypothetically everything happens in real time.

Deep is a good actor.

As always, excellent newspaper.!!!

It's a pleasure to talk about Johnny Depp, my favourite character of all my life, I really love him and every one of his characters.

Johnny Depp? Although he is not a favorite actor of mine, I did like his performance in Don Juan DeMarco, and more recently his performance in Fantastic Beasts - where he played Grindelwald - he really delivered on being a creepy, evil wizard in that film big time. I am a bit disappointed Depp got cancelled from continuing in that role going forward, as he delivered on it quite well. Oh, yeah, let's not forget Depp played Ed Wood (he was a bit of a weird guy back in the day, and made some really cheesy films), opposite Martin Landau who played Bela Lugosi in the film Ed Wood.