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We love George! I mean he is very cool and a great actor. Our fav is Oh Brother where Art Thou which has a killer soundtrack too!

Oh boy, George, I've always found him charming, and still do honestly.

Good to see everything back in the normal routine again, nice text dividers btw!

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I'm so very happy that our paper, contest, writing prompts, and other contributions are back full swing! Great job on the paper!

I'm going to have to agree with SUB on this one and throw my vote for O Brother Where Art Thou as Clooney's best.

George Clooney! That brings up a memory of going into Chicago with a friend to go Christmas shopping. We were to meet up with one of his friends for dinner and I was anxious to meet the guy. When the guy arrived I could not stop staring at him. He looked just like George Clooney! It was during the time that ER was very popular on TV. I was not the only one who thought he looked like George. As we walked down Michigan Ave people were pointing and taking our picture! I felt like I had a brush with Hollywood glamor!

George Clooney may be the star of the week, but, since you mentioned her, I would rather say something about Jamie Lynn Spears. My Bonnie Bride and I tuned into the first episode of Special Forces where Jamie Lynn was a contestant, and cheered her performance. We both liked seeing her competing, as well as most of the other contestants. Sadly, Jamie Lynn chose to withdraw from the competition (as did Spice Girl MelB, very sad).