CineTV and LOLZ Comedy Contest Winners Announcement

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We had such a wonderful time collaborating with our amazing new friends over at the @lolztoken community! This contest had some serious competition going and some really excellent entries were submitted. We knew just about everyone loves a good comedy and we expected some decent participation, but you guys really really brought your "A" game on this one! Our project manager and editor had an extremely difficult time even narrowing down the best of the entries and it was a nearly impossible feat to finalize the competition down to the top three winners. All contests must have a winner, but every single person who entered this contest should hold their head high and be proud of the work they produced. It was a phenomenal contest!

First Place

@thunderjack consistently entertains me with his quality posts and his entry is no exception! His knowledge of classic films is encyclopedic and this was an extremely funny movie as well!

Second place

In second place, we have @irenenavarroart and her perfect selection of a Monty Python Classic. If you have never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I dare say you would be hard pressed to consider yourself a true cinephile...lolol

Third place

Rounding out our winners for this special contest is @buffalobison and his choice of sharing the legendary Richard Pryor in Moving. Honestly just about every Richard Pryor movie ever made would easily fit in this contest but this one I remember as being so so funny.


Just to Recap a bit about LOLZ

What is The LOLZ Project?
The LOLZ Project started out as a tipping token in the vein of PIZZA and BEER but with a twist. When you use the !LOLZ or !LOL command in a comment you not only tip the author an $LOLZ token, but you also share a joke with them too.


But The LOLZ Project didn't stop there as they have expanded into defi and now includes LOLZ Curation, Farming, and Dividends and are even talking about starting their tribe. The LOLZ Project may have a sense of humor, but they are no joke! Please go join their Discord and check out all they have going on!

We absolutely loved joining forces with the LOLZ community on this endeavor and we hope to have many more future collaborations as we both grow!

Happy Writing then! Blog on!

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This was a really great contest, with a lot of great entries. Always fun reading which films other contributors here like. A lot of fun films were covered, including several other favorites of mine.

congrats to @irenenavarroart (probably the best of the Monty Python movies) and @buffalobison - Richard Pryor is always a hoot to watch. Nicely done.

Thanks again CineTV for running an interesting contest. Always a good time to be had here.

Congratulations on the big win. Everybody brought their A game as usual and be sure to keep your eye out for the big W


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They can't see the red flags.

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@thunderjack, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @buffalobison
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Nice, why did we not do a Monty Python....

I was thinking the same thing once I saw @irenenavarroart's entry.


Congrats to the winners and thank you to all who participated! All prizes have been sent including the CINE, LOLZ, and Video Vic card!

Congratulations to the winners, it's been a fun week!

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Congratulations to everyone and thank you for all the laughs as usual

Why did the elevator move into the apartment building?
He wanted to take up residence.

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Thank you very much 🥰


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Felicidades a los ganadores


congrats to @irenenavarroart and @buffalobison 🎊🎊🎊🎊