Cine TV Contest #41 Results and Contest Pause News

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Hello CineTV

Winning. It means different things to different people. Your favorite sports team, a military battle, a personal struggle, or even a children's game. With an open ended contest theme, I was sure to get a varied response and I was not disappointed. I want to thank everyone for their participation and their creativity. Now we get to find out, who are the winners from this contest.

First Place

Our first place winner in this contest is @neiraurdaneta with their submission about Erin Brockovich found here:

This movie was an awesome choice because winning, meant justice for people who were injured. Erin Brockovich is a great choice and the review was engaging. Thank you for going along with the theme and congratulations!

Second place

The second place finisher was @gabrielrr17 with a review of The Pursuit of Happyness found here:

Will Smith plays an amazing character that struggles and fights for him and his son. He ultimately wins but it takes everything to get there and it makes it so much sweeter. I loved this choice and the review. Thank you!

Third place

In third place we have @yole with their choice of Invictus here:

Victory in rugby and against racism is for sure a win. Thank you for highlighting this movie and the hope it brings for harmony. Congrats!

For those lucky winners, you can check out your new NFTs (after they are dispersed) on our CineTV front end:


225 CINE COINS and 100 Ecency Points will be transferred to the winners.

Now if anyone disagrees with our choices then please tag us in a comment on this post!

And now let's discuss the latest CineTV Contest News!

CINE TV Contest Pause.png


Cine TV Contest Pause

Everyone I am pleased to announce that we are taking a holiday break, a "Santa pause" so to speak. The leadership of Cine TV has generously decided to give the staff a break for the next two weeks while we celebrate, travel, see our families, or just recuperate.

So I want to wish you all a fabulous two weeks whether you celebrate a holiday or not. We will come back after our break refreshed and with some great contests. You can still write more Cine TV blog posts during this time and there will still be curation.
Have a blessed two weeks!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns in our Discord channel.

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It's a well-deserved two weeks for the team of administrators and moderators of this community who are always sharing new ideas.

I hope you enjoy your vacations and have a great Christmas !PIZZA !LUV

Congrats to the winners!


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Congratulations to all the winners, happy holidays cinetv community. :)

Have a great vacation over the Holidays. Stay safe.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and wish you all many blessings. 😊

congrats to the winners and don't forget to check out your new winner NFTs!!!! All prizes have been sent!

Thank you for such a wonderful surprise to see my post among the winners, my congratulations to all my colleagues on the podium and to all those who participated in this fantastic contest that this community brings us every week. For me, participating every week is always a challenge to improve and bring movies that have touched my heart over the years. Cheers :)

I wish you good celebrations. I want you to have a happy holiday with your family.

Happy Holidays everyone and to the entire Cinetv team, Merry Christmas 🎄

Congratulations to the Winners! and Merry Christmas to all, Enjoy your Holidays!🤞

Thank you very much. Merry Christmas. BLESSINGS TO ALL

Have a good Christmas break. Thanks for the great contests this year!

Felicitaciones a los ganadores. Congratulations to all the winners.

Merry Christmas to the entire team

Have a nice Christmas break, guys!
God bless you all!