Broccoli Twist with paneer and potato

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This is our own recipe


Do you love broccoli ? I started eating it only last year, before that, I was of the impression that it is only meant for people having diabetes. Last year, one of my friend suggested to try out once as it has a unique taste and since then, I am in love with it. We initially started looking at recipes available online and prepared it but then we have now improvised it to have our own version :) Of all the various recipe we like two - one is Broccoli Manchurian and another is Broccoli mixed fry with paneer and potato. You might have prepared or seen recipe having only broccoli. That is how we started as well - I like broccoli very much. But then my son wanted potato and my daughter wanted paneer. So we made one suitable recipe matching everyone needs and now everyone likes it.


This broccoli that I get from my organic vegetable provider - the person was awarded this year. Much better than what is available in nearest market. They charge a little more ( a difference of just 10/-) but that is nothing compared to their quality.



Not much ingredients are needed for this - capsicum, paneer, potato and then oil, garlic,black pepper powder, pizza seasoning and chilli flakes. You can use olive oil or refine oil but I get organic mustard oil for our daily use, so we used that.


Boil the potato, and in the mean time cut Broccoli, capsicum, paneer into pieces - I got the yellow and red capsicum for better taste - we use the green ones as well, they are cheaper.




Now boil the Broccoli for 5 minutes and while doing so, cut the garlic into small pieces. Once the Broccoli is boiled, filter it. If you got organic Broccoli , then you can also drink the left over water - we mix a bit of turmeric and salt for taste while boiling so that, the left over water will taste better.





Here are the primary ingredients apart from oil. These chilli flakes came with some pizza and we keep them for use.


Now put some oil into a pan and fry the garlic. In another pan, fry the paneer. Don't forget to cut the boiled potato.




Once the garlic fries for a minute, add the capsicum and fry it for 2-3 minutes.



And the process from here is really simple. Add the Broccoli and fry it for a minute, then add paneer, mix it for another minute and add potato and fry it for another minute - just to mix them. At the end, add black pepper powder, pizza seasoning and chilli flakes and mix it well.






The Broccoli Twist is ready - serve hot with roti or your choice of bread. My daughter cut the left over pieces to some funny shapes. By the way I was able to complete repairing my server, this set the perfect mode to end the day.



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It looks beautiful and fresh and I am sure it´s also delicious and very healthy. Superfood! :)

Some day we will grow our own - farm fresh - may be cook there :)

My favorite vegetable is broccoli. I love to eat it in the winter season. But my dad doesn't like to eat it. So some days in a row I enjoy it very much.

Even, I was thinking, its for the diabetic people only, but after I tasted, I am a fan.

Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good day
That is a good cooking strategy, to do something that satisfies all the members of the family.
I love broccoli, and we prepare it in a similar way
I appreciate that you share your recipe and how it is made. Enjoy it a lot

We gave it a twist to suit everyone's need :)

a very smart way to cook
have a nice day

I do not like to eat a lot of broccoli. The food is looks beautiful.

I like this dish very much, In specially broccoli curry and fry, it is a great vegetable and also good for health. in generally, i am not getting broccoli. definitely i will do it someday when it will available.

It tasted delicious
Thanks for the recipe Sanjeev

Wow yummy

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I like vegetables very much and I grow them for myself at home and then I use it to meet my household needs. Vegetable curry is very good. You always make a very good recipe and share it

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