Potato wedges - What could be the easiest snack than this?

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Potato wedges go best as a great appetizer or snack. It's easy to make, delicious, crispy, flavorful, and spicy. It's one of my favorite snacks in the afternoon. If we think about high nutritional value then maybe it's not a good choice.
Every afternoon it's a struggle to come up with some new snacks idea. So sometimes I do compromise and prepare this.


Potato with cheese, that's one of the best combos, right?

Let's see how I prepared this.


  • Peel the potatoes and cut them into big slices. Wash off the starches properly. I put them in ice-cold water for a while. It helps to make the wedges crispy.

  • I added one teaspoon of rice flour, one teaspoon of cornflour, salt, and chill powder as per taste.
    That's it, I didn't add anything else. You can add some dry herbs and cumin powder as well.


  • Mix them properly and fry them in hot oil.

The key to crispy potato wedges is to flip them only once. In order to do this, you must wait until the potatoes are golden in color and crispy. Also, I usually fry them twice. Once they are half cooked, I take them off from the oven, after cooling down for a while or frying the second batch, I put the first batch in the oil again. They come out so crispy this way.


  • Add a generous amount of grated cheese on top. The hot wedges will melt them. I used mozzarella.



I sprinkle some instant spice power on the top for seasoning. You can add your favorite seasoning and serve it with sauce.

That's the recipe. It's so simple. Only takes 15 minutes to prepare. You can use an oven or air fryer instead of oil. The seasoning is a bit different in that case. Don't worry, they all are on YT. It can be a good-to-go snack when you are in a hurry, have to serve a sudden guest, or simply fulfill your cravings.

I love this. Try it, I hope you will like this too.

Have a good day, everyone.

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One of my favorite go to dish. Anytime of the day, anywhere, any place I am ready to have them. I am literally in love with thee wedges and French fries. Some friends of mine do call me "ALU khor" due to this lol.

French fry, Wedges with Hot tomato sauce a perfect dish to attain. In fact now I am having Pakora made from lettuce. Loving it.

Hehehe, you are talking like my son. He complains why I don't serve his this type of snacks everyday 😁
You way of elaboration making me hungry 😅
Have a good day with pakora though.

Never heard of or tasted this but it sure looks appealing to the eyes. Would love to take a bite.

This is a common fast food here in the restaurants, I like to make it at home too.
Try it, it tastes good; especially if you add some garlic. Thanks 😊

I love potato chips so much. It's looks really crispy and mouthwatering. I've never added flour to mine before frying and I really love your method of preparation. The next time I'm making potato chips, I'll add some flour to see how it comes out. Thanks for sharing

As I didn't use oven so to make it crispy I add rice flour. You can try this way, it's less time consuming.

Oh! I see. Thank you so much

Looks awesome and looks delicious. If something is to be eaten quickly in a short time I think Potato wedges is the best. Of course, it is much better to eat it at home than unhealthy food from outside.

I sometimes make potato wedges for my niece. Because she likes potato wedges very much.

Zara used to be restless for French fries when she went to restaurants since she was a child. Since then I have been making it at home. It's a very easy recipe and delicious to eat too I think.

Same goes to my son. Kids love potato wedges or french fries so much. Restaurant usually serve the wedges a little hot/spicy, so to fulfill a kid's craving, homemade one is the perfect.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

Yummy... I have been wondering why my potatoes are not crispy. Didn't know this trick. I will try it out

:) Try this way, they will be always crispy.

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