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Today we woke up in good spirits and ready to eat delicious. I have a super easy recipe for some kind of carrot omelet.

We are going to need to have 2 eggs, a carrot and mozzarella cheese, we are going to grate these last two ingredients and we are going to beat the eggs.

Hoy despertamos de buenos animos y listos para comer delicioso. Tengo una receta super fácil de una especie de omelette de zanahorias.

Vamos a necesitar tener 2 huevos, una zanahoria y queso mozzarella, estos últimos dos ingredientes los vamos a rallar y los huevos los vamos a batir.


Now in the pan we will start by putting the grated cheese and immediately on top we will place the grated carrot, I did it on the smaller side.


Ahora en la sartén empezaremos por poner el queso rallado e inmediatamente encima colocamos la zanahoria rallada, yo lo hice por el lado más pequeño.


Now we will add the beaten egg, over low heat we wait for it to be cooked on the bottom and for it to finish cooking on the top we must cover it.

Ahora agregaremos el huevo batido, a fuego bajo esperamos a que esté cocido por abajo y para que se terminé de cocer por arriba lo debemos tapar.


When we see that it is already cooked, if we want we can add other ingredients, I wanted to put aside some lettuce, mashed avocado and a slice of cheese, and finally I proceeded to fold my omelette.

Cuando veamos que ya está cocido, si queremos agregamos otros ingredientes, yo quise poner a un lado un poco de lechuga, aguacate triturado y una lonja de queso, y por último procedí a doblar mi omelette.


The last thing I did was I put the cover back on low heat until I saw that the cheese was melting and that's it, I wanted to accompany it with a green sauce that I made a few days ago.

Lo último que hice fue que volví a tapar a fuego bajo hasta que ví que el queso se estaba derritiendo y listo, lo quise acompañar con una salsa verde que hice hace pocos días.





Wow I love this. This is my first time seeing this dish. I never thought carrot omelet is possible to prepare. Thanks for sharing this nice idea of yours. ☺️

Thanks, you should try it!

You're welcome. ☺️ Soon I will let my child eat it.

This one looks healthy and yummy!Simple yet interesting recipe.
Thanks for this article.☺️

Thank you ;)

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