THIS FRIDAY we went to SEOUL ✨

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Yes, you read it right! We went to Seoul. Seoul is a combination of Korean and Japanese restaurants in one of the nice places in Cebu in Streetscape in Banilad.

It's been a while that I and my former neighbours have a complete group out during the day. We're not that busy since everyone is not working but having complete attendance is hard to do these days. Well, we have a family to take care of and priorities.

But, What I love with these people it's because of the spontaneous trips especially with searching for some good places to eat around the city.

This is not a typical sampgyupsal unlimited restaurant like most Korean places around.

And I think it's one of the best ✨


They have a beautiful collection of wine being decorated on the wall beside the cashier.


The place looks so cozy because of its minimal space.


We ordered some sets of BTS (Best Taste of Seoul) which is 1299 pesos and the Gang Nam 2499 pesos. And we add some Beef short plate which is 400 pesos. Every set is good to share with everyone as we are seven on the table.



They have a lot of different side dishes with some good kimchi stew, ramen and a lot more. And you can refill those side dishes anytime for free without any other additional fees. Which is worth it.


My favourite TOPPOKI. @hiraya used to make this from time to time before. And it's super good ✨


The good thing about this bone pork thingy is that it's marinated with red wine instead of those typical marinating sauces. Which is good I guess.


And what makes it more convenient to eat when the waitress is helping us grill our meats.


These two offered us to grill our meats while we eat some other side dishes. And I think it's a good idea. It's mostly @hiraya's job to grill every time we have some food like this. But now, we got so lucky! ✨ And I think it's part of the restaurant rules to make their customers food experience easier.


Everyone is enjoying their Seoul food experience while listening to the BTS playlist playing around the restaurant.


So happy to be reunited again with all these beautiful souls.


We have the best Korean food experience so far and the staff were so accommodating. It's pricey compared to those unlimited meat sampgyupsal places but it's worth every penny.

The kimchi stew that I have been longing for so long, the fish cakes and every are just so good!


Good food with amazing people! What should I ask for more?

Hope you have an amazing FRIYAY, everyone, ✨✨✨


Pretty ladies!!! Kalami sa mga sagbot. ahhahahah.

Awwwwhhh Thanks @asasiklause .. si Gillaine sagbot Ra iyang gipang kaon Kay iyang allergy. Pero Laban gyapon for the love of food. Hahhaa kumakaon Baya me nga groupo hahahaaa! 😁🤣

I can tell. Lafang is life! Hahahah

Hahhaha. Yes kanang mag sigeg ingon busog na ba Pero mokaon pa gyud hahhaha.

Yazzzzyyy! Hahahhaaha

Hahahahahaha. Busog ra in words, ang stomach wla pa jd. Ahahah

Yummy lageee ni. 🤗🤗🤗

Super dams! Dili lang sya awat Atung unlimited. Pero worth it gyud hahhaa. Lakas Maka sosyal hahahaa. Bitaw, Abi ko katung sampgupsalsalamat ang nice nga Korean restaurant. Kani gyud pod nice. Daghan Baya pod sa Laing places mga amigo nila Cynthia sa una Pero nag close naman gud sila Sab. Let's go there one day ✨

Heheheh uhmmm before you go to Mindanao damzz, what do you think?

Yes dam! Let's do it puhon! Maayong lawas ✨🤩💕😋

Seul looks really a cool place!!!! A lot of cool food and I see a big selection of wines!!

I can really recommend it to anyone! A cool place indeed ✨

Thank you for dropping by @noemilunastorta

We’ll try here next time. 😊

You should mga inday darlings ✨

Wow ka amazing! Wala pa ko Katry ari na branch. Ddto sa Seaside ra akong na try. Murag lami dnhi kay naay teokboki. 😁

Let's go soon! ✨🤩 the more the merrier 😊

they name their dish with the Korean singers. such a nice strategy.
the place looks supper cool.

Thanks @ekavieka for dropping by. Yeah, very strategic and the outcome is good! ✨🤩

Love the interior of the place! 🥰😍😍 Ka mga pretty uyyy hehehe

Syempre @lifewithera small things haha
Thanks Langga!

The food there looks delicious. Have you ever enjoyed Vietnamese cuisine? It's great too. I hope you will visit Vietnam in the future and discover our rich culinary culture. Have a nice weekend @itsmiessyonpeakd

We have few Vietnamese restaurant in my city. And it's quite expensive but the food is good. Fresh herbs and spices. I should visit that place so soon again.

Can't really wait to Visit Vietnam one day. I never been to any more Asian countries except for Hongkong and Singapore. But you guys @kimloan from Vietnam with all your amazing blogs makes me wanna visit your country so soon as the pandemic ends.

Thanks @kimloan

Yuummm yuuummm 😋

Super girl! 😉🤣😋😇

Wow, those food makes me drool.

Hahaha! Thanks @afterglow 😉✨🤪😋

Ooooh. Kalamiiiii man sa samgyup. Just had earlier niadto nasad kos Jeju ahahahaha. Wala pako ka try sa Seoul pero since gi recommend nimo, will give it a shot😽

Mo adto daw ta Jing ingon si Sasha Puhon! 😋😋😋✨✨✨😇😇😇

oh cool and it looks like you had a great time.. were there other customers when you were there??

Oo naa pero gamay ra ✨