Duplicate post?

Not on purpose. See above.

Well I've been waiting for this for a very long time Fiona! I still have my starter going, although it will not rise and bubble over, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong! There's been no time for all that kneading and rising AND I'm terrified of making another mistake, you saw my first 2 attempts! This sounds less daunting and delicious so I'm going try this for sure!

Mine doesn't always "boil" over. I've also learned not to keep it in the fridge. She live on the stove next to the kettle. Also, give her about 3 hours from feed to use. This recipe is before you feed. With mine, I rarely have discard because I make bread(s) 2x a week 2 days in quick succession so there are daily little feeds until the day before and days of actually starting the bread and buns. Then, after the feed for the dough, I put her in the sun.

Enjoy the scones. It's a good place to start. Happy Sunday to you, Lizelle!