Simple food that tantalizes a lot of people, like you who are looking at this 😁😁😁

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Hi all!
When it comes to food that is tantalizing or that many people like, it can sometimes become curious to taste and must be tasted immediately. Today I also have one of these foods, it is very simple but quite addictive for many people to taste the food.


Pecal is one of the favorite foods of the people here, especially Aceh, as a snack or snack to relieve a hungry stomach. This pecal is a food made from sweet potato leaves which is specially formulated with the tools, and there are also noodles that complete the delicacy of the food itself.

Usually people around me will stay looking for the food in the afternoon, and even then consume it while relaxing.

Maybe food like this only exists in some areas, and the names are also different. I didn't know that this food is also in all regions, but it seems this food is not very well known to people.

Here I get the perfect delicacy, because the photo also shows noodles, pecal and tempeh. Just need a drink to complete the dish, such as coffee or tea and so on.


Not too much, just enough to make the stomach feel better, just one pile containing only one small plate.


As a result, the tempeh makes a complement to the food itself, it tastes very tasty, maybe you just see it will be tempted by this.


As I said earlier, the complementary drink will complete this delicacy, a pleasure that is there, and without a doubt you will see and enjoy it.




Those are a few very simple delicious foods from us here, maybe you will know the delicacy yourself when you try it. Badahhhhh!

You should immediately look for it to taste this food, if your area does not provide this food, you should immediately come to my place. ️😁😁😁

Thank you for everything for all of you, don't forget to be grateful for what you got today. Trying and praying is the best way.

Keep smiling πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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