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I am temporarily pausing my series of Negros Oriental Escapades to share something very exciting. I have been working on this project since December but everything was delayed due to Typhoon Odette and some matters.


For several months, I was extremely frustrated because I thought that this project won't be pushed through, but here I am right now, typing this blog in the exact place where my smoothies are now offered and well accepted by the public. Without further ado, here are my creations!
These smoothies were specially created for VGN Wholefoods. We, the franchisor, and the franchisees did a 2-day training in their main office. I was excited to do this that I cut off my vacation from Negros to go back here to Cebu. And it was worth it. VGN Wholefood Cafe will be all over Cebu Province soon which means, my smoothies will be within your reach.




As of right now, the VGN Wholefood Cafe in Cebu City offers smoothies both available for dine-in and take-out. Though quality might change during delivery we inform the customers ahead. I have enjoyed sharing this craft of mine with the staff in VGN and they got very interested in making a bowl for them or for the customers.


VERY BERRY SMOOTHIE is a mixture of strawberries, mango and banana.


Something to feel like in the tropics, get this EPIC TROPIC SMOOTHIE with mango, banana and pineapple.


Spirulina, considered as superfood makes this GREEN TEMPLE SMOOTHIE BOWL so good and healthy.


This ALOHA PAPAYA SMOOTHIE will definitely blow your mind to Hawaii. (jk) But it's truly refreshing!


Probably a crowd favorite, the NAUGHTY BANANA SMOOTHIE with banana, apple and peanut butter.


In all my previous clients, this is the smoothie I haven't offered yet. I specially crafted this one for VGN so its fitting to name it the VGN Special.

I can't help but be grateful that I was able to finally see my creations on a menu of a cafe and create it myself. The customers' positive and kind feedback only motivates me to be better at my craft. Sometimes, I even go back to the time when I was frustrated without thinking that it'll be alright in the end. It is now and more are coming.

Thank you so much @sassycebuana and @jongcl for dropping by and try our smoothies. Too bad I wasn’t there.

Some of my friends have already tried it and visited the cafe. I hope one of these days you'll be able to try one of my smoothie bowls. Let me know!


Sharing this photo because I was genuinely happy during that 2 days of training. Sharing my passion and craft and seeing everyone so interested and amazed by the smoothie bowls!.

VGN Wholefoods Cafe is located at 467-F Molave St, Sitio Kamputhaw, Cebu City. Follow them on their socials for more updates.
Instagram @vgncebucity

DICLAIMER: Some of the photos in this blog is from one of the franchisees of the training, Kiddo.


Asa Si Klause blogs about his travels, vegan lifestyle, yoga practice, his fur babies and anything that gives joy to him.

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congratulations on your smoothie bowls! 🙌 I read about it from @sassycebuana's post. And I can't wait to visit the cafe this weekend (or basin ugma dayun) 😂

Thank you so much! I would love to know your thoughts about the smoothies. Thanks for the support!

sper duper yummy! one of the best smoothies I've had. 😍 and I'm coming back for more! 😍💞

So grateful for the support Rica!💚💚💚. Can't wait for you to visit VGN again soon.

Lami gyud ang smoothie bowls ay huhu we will be back to try the other bowls for sure. 😁😁😁 Congrats on this awesome venture again Klauseeee🥳🎉🎉🎉

Hehhehehe. Thank you so much Jong! Hope I can come with you next time.🤗🤗🤗

wooow!! Will try to drop by the cafe tomorrow to try that! Your smoothies look great, very appetizing!


Thank you so much!!!! 💚🤗

The proof is in the sweat. Your hardwork totally paid off. Looks delicious and healthy.

Thank you so much!!! Visit nya mo soon.💚

Damn Manh These Smoothie Bowls Looks So Tempting, Kudos On The Presentation And The Perfect Curation They Looks So Picturesque & Instagrammable. Your Hard Work Has Certainly Paid Off, Would Love To Drop By This Place Someday! 😍

Yeeeeyyy. Thank you so much for the kind words.💚💚💚. I would love for you to try my smoothies!💚💚💚

Hopefully Someday I Make It To Cebu ✨

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Can't wait to try this. Pag balik nalang puhon. Congrats Klause. .

Puhon2. Mangaon nya ta ddto puhon.

Will definitely try this Klause! 🥰🤤 Kabaw baya jod ka nga dugay nako ganahan mo try sa imong creation. Makaproud kaayo imong achievement!👏🙌 Can't waaaaiitttt.

🥺🥺🥺. Thank you kaau Jen. Worth it kaau ang kahago ug pg.paabot ani na malaunch.

Oh my, looks like I'm late to the party @asasiklause! Congratulations for another successful Cafe, Klause! Maka expect ba mi og one near Carcar? Hehe

The place kung asa ang Cafe used to be a printing shop and diha mi tig print projects pag college hehe

OMG!!!Wla ko idea about the past of this place. Hopefully makavisit mo soon! Thank you so much Pat! Carcar? Hmmmmm maybe, pro Talisay sa ko and soon kay Mingla.

Keri na ang Mingla, @asasiklause! Pero bitaw mo visit ra nya ko sa Molave branch, naa nas list of cafes to try. 😁

Yes please! It would a lot to me if you visit and try the smoothies! Thanks Pat!

Yeheeyyy looking forward to taste it.. looks like BAli Style 😍😍😍

yessss. thanks Riza

Wow, @asasiklause , Are you finally opening your restaurant? Smoothies have a very exotic appeal. Is the smoothie a food developed by you? I wish you success in your business!

I am opening a smoothie shop soon. Yes. I made the recipes myself. Thanks for the kond words.

Congrats and good luck on your business venture, Klause. !LUV it. Sana meron din dito sa Metro Manila or nearby. !PIZZA

As of the moment, VGN manila is operating online lng and they still don't have smoothies. but goal within this year makaopen na ng actual store.

Thank you so much!

Ah, okay. So via delivery apps ang orders or thru FB ba ito?

Welcome. 😊

I think they are doing it through FB but they are temporarily closed for now because a yung person na nagmanage is here in Cebu for some important matters

Got it. Thanks for the info, @asasiklause. 😁

you're welcome!:)


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