Impossible Quiche

This recipe has been in my family for longer than I have. My mom gave me the recipe card a few years ago, or maybe she let me borrow it and I never gave it back…I honestly can’t remember.

In any case, it’s here now so I can come back to it anytime I want, which means it’s here for you too! I grew up on this quiche recipe, and have to say, I think it is very competitive against other recipes :)

Swiss Cheese (Shredded)1cup
Chopped Ham/Crumbled Bacon0.5cup
Melted Butter4cup

  • Blend it all up, put it in a 9” pie pan.
  • sprinkle w/ extra meat and cheese, use a spoon to press under surface
  • Bake: [350 deg F] for [45 min]
  • Allow to set for 10 minutes prior to serving

…how do you like this format? Personally I get so sick of all the scrolling I have to do to get to the useful part of an online recipe, so I’ve been saving my stuff with only the bare minimum of information and pictures…does that feel refreshing compared to typical recipes? …or does it feel low effort and cheap? My goal is definitely the former, so please let me know if it comes across otherwise!

Thanks for checking out some more of my work! As always, I hope you enjoyed witnessing as much as I enjoyed creating!

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