New Year's and after New Year's nails ...βœ¨πŸ€—βœ¨

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Thanks a lot to @dearw which still inspires me and here is a slightly wider story and photo...πŸ₯°πŸ’…



I started doing this hobby in 2008. At that time, nails were not so popular in our country, there was work for the new year and for bigger celebrations. Birthdays, weddings, baptisms or girls for primary and secondary school graduation.
Now it is already everyday and most girls and women want to have their nails trimmed ...

So my hobby turned into another job and photography became my current hobby πŸ€—
Here are some more New Year's and after New Year's nails ...
Sometimes I do an upgrade with tips, and when someone wants me to do a gel pour or to extend the natural ones, I work with fiber glass tape. Used to strengthen natural nails....



This is how I start when I want to lengthen my nail a bit ....
I do the preparation by filing the surface of the nail and then I fix the cuticles ... I put the bond and primer 2 in 1. And I continue working ...



This way when he wants a little longer ... I just add paper templates ...

The result of the first preparation:


Result of the second preparation:


And now a little nail after the new year ...






Material I used:

  • Bond with primer
  • Building gel
  • Fiber glass tape
  • color gel
  • stickers
  • gold and silver foil
  • gel with silver shine
  • non-stick finish gel
  • mat-gel finish
  • gloves

I am still a little representative of my work, I hope you liked it πŸ₯°

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Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with us. I imagine you are also very excited to see how much you have learned and improved during all this time. I hope that every day your work gets more recognized and valued. I send you a hug, thank you very much for the mention in your post. πŸŒΌπŸ˜‡πŸ’›

My pleasure @dearw πŸ₯°

I am constantly trying to improve and introduce something new ...

I send you a hug and look forward to liking my workπŸ€—

Your work is also wonderful and I am happy to have come across your blogπŸ₯°

Have a nice day and wonderfull weekend 🌼