Nail time

in Hive Nails4 months ago (edited)

In this set i tried to do Christmas balls on my mom's nails.

Her nails though are short and the result wasn't as i was expecting.

Products that i used:

  • base/top coat
  • dark blue gel polish
  • silver flash gel polish
  • silver holo pieces of glitter

I removed the previous colour and i did the preparation as always, i applied the base coat and i applied 3 thin layers of the dark blue gel polish.

I left the 2 nails with the design for the end and i applied top coat at the rest of them.

On a palette i put some of the silver flash gel polish and i created my Christmas balls.

I know that i should do the balls bigger as i did them because the result was like smudge. But her nails are short and small, so i didn't have the space to do whatever i want.

And this is the final result. I hope you like them!




Tomorrow i will post the last Christmas nails of the year.

Photos by @georgia11