Magnetised cables & large Lakovsky coil for our bed because humans need electroculture too 🌱

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It is said humans spend one third of their lives sleeping so it seems to me a pretty logical idea to implement some kind of system into our beds which maintains our health during this extensive period of time. I have focused for the last month almost exclusively on electroculture for plants but as I have said before, humans are nothing more than complex plants on legs and electroculture techniques also work on us. Though it is more commonly known as electromagnetic healing when it comes to humans.

Ten years ago I started using an earthing sheet which is technically speaking a form of electromagnetic healing. An earthing (or grounding) sheet is composed of fine metal fibres which run throughout the material and collect into a single point which can be plugged directly into the earth with a metal rod or into your mains supply which always has a connection to the ground.

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 18.38.33.png

Put simply, when we are connected to the earth everything works better.

This is why I don't wear shoes.

But now I want to take it further.

The Super-charged healing bed

IMG_0332 2.jpeg

My 10 year old earthing sheet is actually broken at the moment (cats chewed through cable in multiple places) but I will fix it soon enough now that I have a soldering iron and a voltmeter with which I can be sure it is working. In the meantime I want to energise this bed with two things. A magnetically charged cable and a large Lakovsky coil.

Yannick Van Doorne sells magnetic devices (for charging cables) at €21 a piece.

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 19.15.52.png

This is a decent price but you know me, I prefer buying once, figuring out what it is and then making something better.

100 small ring magnets will make you five or six devices. Mine cost me €18.55

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 19.19.41.png

Don't buy the more powerful modern magnets (neodymium) which won't work for this.

You will also need some 1.5mm copper wire and some bees wax. We have a 'honey man' in our village who apparently doesn't mind giving it to me for free.


Incredible stuff bees wax. Not all that hard to understand why it naturally attracts cosmic energy. Perfect hexagons over and over, made with love & pure instinctive dedication.


Here are my magnets, made by man with profit margins in mind. They need Reiki for this reason before use.


For those not practiced in this art, simply hold them in your hands with a strong intention (healing, plant growth or whatever) and then say the words "it is done". Personally I say it three times, just to be sure.


I am using a chop stick to hold the magnets in place.


Make sure to have a small piece of copper wire ready at this stage. This will be a small Lakovsky coil set around the magnets into the wax.


Melt the wax using the hot bath method. Less mess in your pan this way.


Heat till it is all a liquid.


Pour over magnets while twisting.


Wait one moment (bees wax dries very fast) and add Lakovsky coil.


Re-apply hot wax to cover the coil, trying to maintain even coverage.


Make sure to also fill the hole with wax, just to completely seal off the magnets from the elements. (More appropriate for use in the garden).


If you run out of wax, scrape it out of your catchment bowl and put it back in the water bath.


Mine are not as pretty as Yannick's but they are a bit bigger and a bit more powerful. And certainly they are made with a more focused goal of optimal health for my family & I while we sleep.


I will explain how we use these in just a moment.

The Lakovsky coil

I was conscious that I needed lots of copper wire to make decent sized Lakovsky coils for not only my bed but also every tree in my garden (that's all you need for Law of Attraction to work) and two days ago a local man handed me this copper wire.

IMG_0266 2.jpeg

He said he stole it from work because the opportunity presented itself and he could see I was excited about copper. Yes indeed! Am most grateful to him and the Universe which seems to keep nudging me forward without any effort on my part.

The first thing I did was to go and measure the base of all my trees and then produce the appropriate size for them.


My intention is to buy beechwood balls to go on the end (Yannick tells me beechwood creates a harmonic resonance with copper) but due to the snow which keeps on falling from the sky I didn't want to wait for their arrival. Electroculture helps protect trees during times of extreme weather and even without their beechwood balls these devices have a load of copper in them (x7 1.5mm strands) so will surely still have a decent effect.

Here they are in the garden ready to find the appropriate trees.


I told you in my dedicated Lakovsky coil post that Lakovsky placed his devices at a declining angle of 20-30° for optimum effect but since chatting with Yannick about this he tells me you can in fact just lay the coils flat on the ground and this is equally effective. Just make sure the coil goes around your desired tree and the opening is facing north.


This one has a 50cm radius, for our biggest walnut tree.


The coil will also boost the growth of that ivy crawling its way up the tree, so this will have to be removed before it takes over.


Finally I put them around various other selected plants which could use a little help.


If it wasn't for the sunny day we had today the garden would have stayed looking like this.


And if it snows more, which they say it will, I have a feeling a lot of these plants are going to suffer.

These beans have a magnetised cable running underneath so they should be alright.


Lucky I built that greenhouse last week over on my other land!


Inside I have a copper pyramid and a bunch of seedlings.


And sometimes a cat ;)


How to install cables & coil under a mattress

The Lakovsky coil I want for our bed is the biggest. Around 60cm radius.

I've not even put the magnets in there yet and already the coil alone is making the compass on the right point the wrong way (in case you were in any doubt about Lakovsky coils having a magnetic effect).


Instead of beechwood for this one I want bees wax balls on the ends but rather than artificially heating it I rolled it in my hands till it looked like this. Better for personal energy/intention infusion and less disruption to the original structure of the wax.


Then I gently pushed them onto the copper.


Same story as the magnets here. Hold an intention, give it some respect, give it your energy. And... it is done.

Then you can move on to the technical aspects of attaching these things to your bed.


Figure out your north/south line using string and compass.


The energy extends out around 75cm from the cable in both directions, so I am thinking one cable should be enough for Sabrina & I.

Once you are sure where it wants to go, insert screws to the underside of the wood. Hopefully yours looks something like mine?


Cut desired length of wire (I am using galvanised steel) and place your device on it, the correct way round.

You will know which end should face north by using a compass.

NB: The end of your compass which normally points north (white) will be attracted to the end of your device which should be facing north.

Conversely, the end of your compass which normally points south (red) will be attracted to the end of your device which should be facing south. This is how Yannick has it displayed on his website.

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 07.21.27.png

It is for this reason I have marked the north facing end in this way. Then there can be no confusion when installing the device.


When you instal your device on the wire, make sure the mini Lakovsky coil has its opening facing down. Yannick doesn't mention this detail on his website but it must surely be important because the coil radiates energy to its north side when the opening faces down. If the opening faces the sky it won't work as well.

Here it is installed under the bed, at the south end of the cable.


Try to tighten it up as much as you can to make the cable straight.


In an effort to keep the cable as close as possible to our bodies I ran it through the middle here, making a connection with the metal frame of the bed.


Who knows, perhaps this will amplify the effect all over the bed?

I decided in the end to place the Lakovsky coil like this, over the top of the wood frame.


This copper is super thick and I can't see it getting damaged by our weight.

I did however make sure that the bees wax balls were not pressed against the wood, so they will hopefully retain their shape.


Then just gently place mattress over the top.

Sorry cat, no doubt the top of this mattress is a very fine spot to relax but you gotta go now.


I was alone at this time of day but was still able to hoist the mattress back up onto its frame and place it down in a way which did not disturb orientation.


Later in the day everyone arrived home and I noticed how three souls instinctively made their way to the healing bed, totally unaware of today's additions.


With this in mind I finished the day by attaching cables to the underside of both my children's beds.


2023 is going to be a year of growth for this family, in so many different ways. It already has been!

Final thoughts

I hope, dear friends, that I have impressed upon you now the ease with which these life-changing techniques can be applied around your home and in your garden.

If you are thinking to build a house in the future you may also wish to consider installing these cables into your floor so that wherever you are, there is always electromagnetic healing going on. Certainly I intend to design my future earthship/pyramid in this manner.

You don't need to be rich to get this done but you do need to be motivated and clear with your intentions. The Universe cannot help you if you are not clear.


In standing, stand. In sitting, sit. Above all, do not wobble.

Sorry to say that I don't remember who told me those words or from where they originate but I can tell you that I have applied them to my life for the last ten years.

We make our decisions right by believing them to be right. So it doesn't in fact matter much what we decide, only the way we feel about our decision. Stand firmly in your position whatever it may be and all obstacles become nothing more than the required lessons to achieve the desired goal. Sometimes it may take us years and the goal manifests in a totally unexpected manner but we will always succeed in the end if we remain clear with the non physical aspects of our mission.


Think not of the cost or logistics behind your dream for best access to the kind of Law of Attraction miracles described in this post (bees wax & copper wire). Think only of the dream itself. But don't hold on so tight that you are disappointed when it doesn't happen the way you expected. It very likely won't.

Many fall by the wayside because they perceive the obstacles as negative omens and are easily distracted and disheartened. Some will say there are not enough hours in the day while I say let's find a way to energise our bodies so we need less sleep!

Will let you know how I get on with that.

Love & Light everyone 🌱



You are an inspiration. not that I need any more ; ) haha.
will look forward for updates !

Have seen no evidence of other people putting magnetised cables with lakovsky coils into their beds, yet I just know it works. And I knew I had to write this post to share the news with others!

It's great to have you with me on this most awesome ride :)

I have no doubt it works !

The feline rockstars don't gaf about magnets and emf, they just meow and yawn. Truly feline attitude 😬

I love that you love the cats so much. Feel like I am running a cat hotel sometimes ;)

@captainquack22. You are a sleep technologist. Probably you are interested in this. Maybe you already have experience with a similar (and/or with the same) technique.

Hey there! I saw some posts from you yesterday and have added you to my autovoter as a consequence. It isn't much but every little bit helps. Hope you are keeping warm now.

Love what you are doing with the communication device you mentioned to me before. I listened to the conversation you had with the operator in France. Seriously long distance you are covering there! Amazing job.

Love your bird too. Incredible face.

Keep up the great work!

Hey there! I saw some posts from you yesterday and have added you to my autovoter as a consequence. It isn't much but every little bit helps. Hope you are keeping warm now.

Thank you so much for the help/support. We (my brother and me) received fire wood from the postwoman. Currently our room is warm, and we are trying to cook a soup on the heater.

Love what you are doing with the communication device you mentioned to me before. I listened to the conversation you had with the operator in France. Seriously long distance you are covering there! Amazing job.

My antenna is currently very modest (a 30 meters long wire antenna 4-5 meters above the ground, but sometimes I do two-way contacts outside Europe too. Mostly on the upper shortwave bands (above 10 MHz). If the propagation is good enough, then it is possible, even with a simple antenna.

Love your bird too. Incredible face.

She is very tame and very friendly towards us. She mostly scream at strangers. Recently a few of her feathers fallen out. Soon we will take her to the vet to check her to see what is the problem. Hopefully nothing serious.

Keep up the great work!

We do what we can. Thank you so much again for the help/support.


Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.


Hello there cuddlekitten! Quite a lot of cats in this one hey ;)

Hello you think it is important that the magnet are this specific size? O guess the bigger the better? and it could also be neodymium magnets..but the again it would be too expensive..I cant find these specific magnets but i think it does not matter if they are just a bit bigger..what do you think?