In pursuit of perfect pyramids: my largest construction to date & cut flower experiment conclusion 🥀

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Ever since reading The Pyramid by Les Brown I have been on a mission to construct the perfect pyramid for the purposes of creating excellent health in the beings & plants which dwell in and around it.

You may remember two weeks ago I made a small wooden pyramid which was immediately popular with one of my cats (Rockstar).


It was my first attempt and looking at it now I can see the dimensions are not right at all. Such is the way when we don't go by the instruction manual (Les Brown's book) and try to do it on enthusiasm alone.


After that I made 25 miniature pyramids out of card to become an 'energiser'.


Again I did this on Les Brown's recommendation for the purposes of energising water or food placed above it. Will tell you more about my experiments to prove its effectiveness in a moment.


Two days ago I set about making a larger wooden pyramid, this time sticking to the EXACT proportions.


It may not look like a square but I can assure you it is. 94 x 94cms to be precise.


Don't know what this tool is called but I used it a lot.


All through the night I worked, driven like a crazy person to finish the job at any cost. Here you can see my children's desk moved outside so it can become my workshop table. Sorry children. Your father has been bitten by the pyramid bug.


Important when clamping to cover the wood with cardboard to prevent marking.


I am using a clamp from my lighting kit (must be at least 15 years old) and it is working perfectly.


On the kitchen floor I am taking advantage of the lines to get my measurements right.


Here I am checking the total height of the pyramid, which wants to be 60cms.


I should probably mention at this point that while I am using Les Brown's book for the basic suggestions (like to use wood which has been cut to the ratio of 1/4) I am also using this on-line pyramid calculator which tells me everything I need to know based on three bits of information: number of sides, length of base & angle of face.

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 19.52.25.png

In truth I am a bit confused about whether the Great Pyramid has a face angle of 51.5° or 51.8° as there appears to be some conflicting information online, but I went with 51.8 for this one in the end. The difference is marginal.

Here you can see how accurately I am cutting this wood. No messing around this time.


Using the back of the children's seat to hold the wood in place while I plain it.


Look carefully and you will see this is not quite flat. Needs a bit more plaining still.


Wasn't easy getting this done on my own. Piano stool finding a new purpose here.


Decided to add extra stability where I could by putting in a few staples. This made life much easier.


Esteban is doing his guitar practice in the background while I finalise my construction.


The last two pieces were a bit too long. This was expected because I cut all four sides to be the same length. Now I must trim the last two down by around half a centimetre before they will fit perfectly.


Felt like this was a big moment as I approached the final piece.


And that's it! The wood is cracking a bit which isn't perfect, but I did what i could. I see now why Brown recommends using a minimum of 2x8cms. Figured I could get away with 1x4cms but just like every time it turns out the experts know best!


Here it is finished on the bed. As alway it only took a moment for the cat to figure out where to sit. (The apex & corners are where the energy concentrates).


She genuinely seems to love it inside pyramids, no matter the exactness of the dimensions!


I put it to one side here in my office. That's pumpkin wine in the vessel on the right in case you are wondering.


My intention is to put this pyramid in the garden next and build a raised bed under it, in which I will grow potatoes.

I felt inspired when I saw this film a month ago in which they show larger than normal harvests as a result of wooden pyramid structure.

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 18.12.30.png

Cut flower experiment

Two weeks ago I took x3 cut flowers and placed them in identical glasses. One with water charged by copper pyramid. One with charged water from wooden pyramid and one as a control group.


Two weeks later I can confirm there is no noticeable difference in effect, as much as I want to tell you the opposite!


The reasons for this are currently unknown.

I also tested three marigolds, one glass on the energiser, one in another room and again there was no noticeable difference in the time it took for the flowers to close.


One thing I do want to mention however is that when I pulled up the metal plate of the energiser four of the pyramids stuck to it, despite the glue inside the pyramids being dry a long time ago. One of them is still stuck in this image.


I put them back into position and tried again, finding that a few of them did indeed stick a second time. I guess this is some kind of static energy which is created by the pyramids?


So why didn't it work? Could perhaps be because many of them, due to their slight imperfections, were not touching the metal plate above.


Or perhaps because some of them were beginning to open due to my construction techniques?


Undeterred I set about creating another experiment using three pieces of lettuce from the garden.


Here they are in my office ready to go into three positions. One under the copper pyramid, one on the energiser and one as a control group.


Under the watchful eye of our village church.


A wonderful sight I think you will agree. So full of divine ratios and sacred geometry.


Three days later it is immediately evident something different is happening to the copper pyramid leaf.


It appears to be drying faster than the others, more crispy and even different in sound when I drop it from a height on to the place.


It hits the plate with a dry tinny sound, while the other two (energiser & control group) are still moist and make more of a flopping sound when they are dropped onto their plates.


This actually fits with what Brown told us in his book about how pyramids are really effective at dehydrating food for long term storage. I wonder what will happen when I add water to this lettuce leaf and re-hydrate it? Will let you know in a few more days when I am done with this experiment. Feel like I should run this one longer before drawing any conclusions.

And so, what can I tell you about pyramids having spent a month playing with them?

Well, I have been meditating with the copper pyramid on my head and I must say I actually can feel the difference. I am not an experienced mediator as I don't do it regularly enough, so my mind wanders easily, but with the pyramid on my head it felt easier to maintain a thoughtless state. I probably won't be going out in public with it on my head however!

They are not simple to make. On the contrary, it is extremely difficult to replicate the exact dimensions of the great pyramid but I do however strongly recommend you give this a go. This large one took me two days in total. And by 'large' I mean 60cms height, which isn't really that large at all!

I intend now to make a bigger one of course, because just as it is with anything, I am getting better with experience.

If you have any questions please shoot them at me. I am highly motivated at the moment and feel very much as if I am here to help those who are willing to listen or interact with me.

Love & Light everyone ▲



four sided pyramids are for grounding :)
tetrahedron is another story :)

Great observation! Yes, every shape has a different energy and therefore a different purpose for us humans, prosperity, fertility, grounding & specific aspects of our health. All sacred geometry shapes are very powerful but the tetrahedron in particular is interesting due to its similarity with the carbon atom. As carbon based creatures it is clear why this shape has such a profound effect on us.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 07.51.25.png

Interesting too that when a carbon atom is aligned with magnetic north it "rings and sings" (as described in this article). Just as a pyramid needs to be aligned with magnetic north for it to become functional.

All sacred geometry shapes are very powerful but the tetrahedron in particular is interesting...

yeah! it's kinda the fundamental structure in sacred geometry...
we even have a built in tetrahedron in our heads :) where the top is chakra 7 and the front apex is the 3rd eye... and the pineal gland itself lies exactly in the middle of the pyramid :)

Well, I have been meditating with the copper pyramid on my head

Legend! I appreciate the depths that you goto for your research Sam. Also, did you try using some wood glue on the pyramid?

I use Ponal and found it very strong.

Meditating with a pyramid on my head is no trouble! Building 20,000 copper cells to power a garden camera on the other hand is big trouble ;)

Did I use wood glue? No. Les Brown didn't mention it so I tried to avoid it. My feeling too is that the simpler we make it (number of materials involved) the more effective it will be.

I did actually use a glue gun on my first pyramid (because it dries instantly and works well for a person in a hurry) which has been in the garden for the last few weeks in the snow and I noticed yesterday that it was falling apart! This is fine. The dimensions were not accurate enough for my taste. Will re-build it when the moment is right :)

 2 months ago  

Hi @samstonehill!

This post is excellent, I had always heard about the power of the pyramids but I have never experimented with them. I will be waiting for the continuation of your experiments. By the way, your children are precious and so is your cat. Nice view of the church of your town. Regards.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Will do my best to keep these updates coming as I learn more and more about sacred geometry shapes and the effect they have on their environment.

All the best to you!

That rockstar cat 😍

Yes yes yes ;)

By the way, the cat's name is Rocket but we have in recent days been calling her Rockstar. Thanks to your influence.

Haha, amazing 😬 that cat knows how to pose

you are totally hooked !
this tool is a file.
when clamping, to avoid marking, it is even better to use another piece of wood.
I just came across the same pyramid calculator to double check on the angle and was also surprised to see it as 51.83º / 51.84º. Yannick mentions 51º. I suppose it is close / good enough.
I have noticed that for some reason I do not see your posts. I suppose it is due to the hour in which you publish. I dropped by and realized I missed like 4 of them, so I am now trying to catch up !

following is a video I stumbled upon that I think might be interesting for you.
keep up this enthusiasm !

Ah yes, it is a file! Had it there in my brain somewhere, just can't reach the words at the moment of writing.

Many thanks for the clamping advice. That makes sense, though thankfully the cardboard seemed to work okay.

The pyramid angles are indeed a bit confusing. Les Brown mentions 51.51 many times in his book as being the correct angle, but the calculator doesn't agree! Like you say, I think anywhere within 51 will have an effect. Though I'm a stickler for perfection and would like to understand what changed over the last 50 years? Perhaps we just developed better tools for measuring it???

Last week I made a summary of my recent posts which you may find useful as a way to make sure nothing has been missed. It was a crazy couple of months but I feel myself slowing down now with the full moon. Well, more accurately I will be spending more time outside. So much to do at this time of year as you know. My Steiner calendar says it is a fruit day today so will trim the cherry trees and plant more peas & beans! Ah yes, perhaps you can answer this one for me. They say snow is coming again tomorrow so would it therefore be better to wait before I trim the cherry trees? Perhaps the shock of getting trimmed and the snow might be too much for them?

EDIT - I just checked the video link and I remember now Rumble has been banned from French users! Too many dissidents on the platform apparently.

as for the pruning, snow should not harm your cherry in any way. actually the cold is why we prune in winter, so no bacteria or insects take advantage of the wound.
I´ll try to see if I can find this video elsewhere for you !

found it:


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