Hot bathing in the mountains on the Winter Solstice

After a departure of some years from making films I will be dusting off the cameras again specifically to cover the subject of electroculture, but in the meantime I present you a day in the life of my family at a hot bath in the mountains on the Winter Solstice.


 3 months ago  

Wow what a beautiful spot and a wonderful way to celebrate the solstice xxxxx

It's funny because I thought of you this solstice. Normally I am reminded of it because I see one of your posts (or you very kindly mention it to me under one of mine) but this time I not only remembered it, but also managed to organise something special for the day! Thank you for helping me reach this point where I am able to remember it for myself. This day feels more special than Christmas in many ways. Sending hugs & love xxx

 3 months ago  


Really beautiful country Sam! i love those natural places with pools of different temperatures. Makes total sense that children are better at manifestation.

I forgot to explain in the film the different temps of the pools! The first one is 42, middle one 40, end one 38. The human body is around 37 so the end pool is very comfortable to relax in for hours. But even just ten mins in the middle pool was a challenge. Forget about the hottest one for me! There must be so many health benefits I am sure. Have been buzzing since then ;)

There are hot springs near the Mexico ranch, right along a river. Very beautiful. The hottest one is probably similar to the coolest one that you visited.

Great video Sam. That looked a fun day out!

It was a pretty special day for sure. I couldn't edit in the way I wanted due to a very clunky editing system I found for free online! But happy I decided to upload it in the end. Now the scene is set for electroculutre...

Have a great Christmas Eve!

Thanks Sam, you too!

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