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In my last post, I wrote about some of the physical health benefits of laughter. In that post, I also pointed out the three main benefits of laughter which happen to be the physical, mental and social benefits. I covered areas relating to the physical health benefits and said I will continue with the mental and social benefits in my next follow post, which happen to be today's post. Before we dive into today's post, how about we do a recap of some of the key physical benefits of laughter that I pointed out:

🐝 Laughter helps relax our whole body.
🐝 Laughter helps protect the heart.
🐝 Laughter helps release endorphins in the body.
🐝 Laughter free us from anger.
🐝 Laughter may help you live longer.

You can read more about the first part of this post HERE.

There is a saying in my place that, "when a food is sweet, you have no choice but to request for more". I really enjoyed working on the topic provided for this contest hence I have to continue with this post. I would love to invite @blukei to participate in this contest, in the previous post, I invited @merit.ahama I'm glad she decided to join the contest. If you have no idea of this contest, well this is a contest organised by Natural Medicine Community and you can read about the contest guidelines Here.

In today's post, I will be sharing some of the Mental Health Benefits and Social Benefits of laughter. When you laugh, you have a positive feeling that feels really good and even after you've stopped laughing, this positivity stays with you. If you are healthy physically and your mental state is not, then you are in for real problems. I always tell people, I don't joke with my sanity, my mental state has to be 100% okay at all time, it really helps me function well. We all need to always have a positive mindset towards difficult times, and you can always remain this way when you always stay happy inside.


Mental Health Benefits Of Laughter

😂 Laughter Improves Your Mood: If you are the type that always have a sad mood, you should try laughing more to help improve your mood. We know life is difficult, but that does not mean you should let your problem put you down. When you laugh, it changes your mood and when you have a happy mood, you feel alright. Before now, I'm always known for keeping a straight face, always very serious (well, most times I'm just observing my environment and trying to know the people around 🙄), but, since I started teaching in 2018, so much have change, you can't stay around children and not get a good laugh. And since then, my mindset changed, because I have accept a positive lifestyle, and each time I laugh, my mood always light up.

😂 Laughter Add Joy To Your Life: You Will enjoy your life when you are always happy, even when you are going through difficult times. Because you are always happy and every one can see your glow because of how joyous you are, they will not even know you have problems. Always laugh, it's very good for your mental state because, when you have joy in your life, you experience more balance in your life.

😂 Laughter Free Your Mind From Worrying: A troubled mind is likely to be a dangerous one. There is great difference between you worrying about a problem and actually thinking of how to solve a problem. A worried mind does not find solutions to the problem it's always concern about the negative side of the problem, always complaining about the problem. And when you continue like this, it build so much negativity inside you, free yourself by laughing, forget your worries but think about how to solve the problem instead of just worrying about it. Having a good laugh will free your mind from worrying.

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Before we look at some of the social benefits of laughter, let me share some old jokes with you guys. Note: even if the joke don't sound funny, you must still laugh, if you read this and choose not to laugh, don't be surprise when I give you a tap on your back for not laughing, just turn around you will see me.😜😜

Joke 1
A guy was sitting in is home and was watching a movie when he held a knock on the door, with his eyes glue to the TV screen as he was walking to the door to open the door. Getting to the down and opened it, he did not see anyone, looking downwards he saw a snail 🐌, with annoyance on his face, he quickly picked the snail and throw it very far. A year later, he also received a knock on his door and when he opened, he saw the same snail 🐌 and with annoyance on the face of the snail 🐌, the snail 🐌 look at the guy and ask, "what the hell was that about?

Joke 2
This young boy walks into a barbers chop, the moment the barber saw the boy, he told his customer, you see this kid? He is the dumbest kid in the world, the customer replied asking why? And the barber response saying, let me show you instead. He brought out a dollar bill and two coins, the barber turned to the kid and ask him, "which one do you want?" The boy looked at the barber and point to the two coins, the barber laughed and said to the customer, "it works every damn time, the kid will never learn", they both laughed. The young boy went out and bought ice cream. As the customer was leaving, he saw the boy and ask him why he did not take the dollar bill? And the boy replied saying, "the day I will take that one dollar bill, it's a GAME OVER" 😂😂😂

Social Benefits Of Laughter

😂 Laughter Attract Positive People To Us: If you are the happy type, you will always attract more happy people to yourself. People will always want to know more about you, they'd want to know those things that always keep you going. Nobody wants to associate with negative people unless they are negative as well. People always want to be around happy people with positive mindset and yes when you laugh, it sends a message that says you are happy and it will attract more people to you.

😂 Laughter Strengthen Relationship: I just mentioned how people love being around people that are always happy, imagine your circle is filled with happy people, you guys will have little or no time to worry about resolving disputes because you guys will always find a reason to remain happy. Even if there is dispute, it wouldn't last for long because you guys will always want to keep that positive atmosphere going and if you guys always find a way to keep each other happy, the relationship will be very strong.

😂 Laughter Help Desolve Conflict: As humans, we will always disagree on things, but that does not mean we should hate each other. It's okay to disagree on things, everyone have their perspective of things we will not always agree all the time, but I don't allow disagreement to last long in my circle, I will always look for a way to make a funny joke from the situation to get everyone laughing again. Laughter help Desolve conflicts, it's always good to have a good laugh.

Live a life filled with laughter and you will never regret it. Always find a reason to be happy, if you always count your blessings, you will see more reasons to always stay happy. Laugh, make other people laugh too, spread joy to everyone around you. This is my final post to this contest, I really enjoyed working on it, have a lovely day filled with laughter.

Thanks for reading.

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Wow! an excellent contribution! really laughter is as you mention one of the most important medicines that can help us to remedy any pending issue in our lives. An honor to have been invited by my colleague @officialuroga I will do my best to see if I can join this interesting initiative.

Thank you very much for the invitation and once again it is an honor for me to be taken into account!

I'm happy to have extend the invitation to you, I look forward to your post when you finally decide to share your thought. Thanks for stopping by.

Wow awesome entry once again!!! And once again, I love the jokes you added, you are a comedian really, don't argue with me.

That snail joke is so funny 😂 a tar later? Oh my goodness, they are so slow. And the barber's joke, awesome I love it.

The social and mental benefits you shared are all valid and I think I learnt something new from you today, thanks for this amazing entry.

I see you winning already 😋 all the best my comedian 😃

Thank you acknowledging my post dear, I appreciate that, I'm definitely not going to argue with you, I guess I have to agree with you now😂😂

I'm happy to read you enjoyed the jokes, that's the idea, for you to actually enjoy them.

The purpose of sharing the post wouldn't be achieved if no one learn anything, and I'm pleased to read you saying you actually learnt something, thanks for your honesty.

The biggest win for me, is actually me participating in the contest I'm honoured to be part of it, hmmm, your comedian, I like the sound of that😜😜😜. Thanks for sharing your thought dear. Enjoy your day.

Laughter can refer to your soul, it's true it takes you out of depression.
Have you ever noticed you laughing; lol I laughed hard to acknowledge my laughing ability hehe how silly I am.
The second joke brought a smile on my face too smarty-dumb, boy🤣
I guess you are a humorous person. It was worth reading the post.

😂😂 that little boy is waiting for when he will show is intelligence to the barber, indeed he is one smart_dump boy. Thanks for sharing your comment, it's really appreciated.

 3 months ago  

All very true, and it makes me realize there are few negative consequences of laughter. Perhaps the only one might be if someone thinks you're laughing at them and you can't convince them otherwise. Thanks for participating in this challenge.

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Very true, very few negative sides, if someone get the message of the laugh wrongly, they end up feeling left out. Apart from the few negative side, always get a good laugh to lift your spirit. Thanks for your lovely comment.

Laughter softens the nerves and keeps the heart healthy.

Very true my friend, I agree with you. Thanks for stopping by.

You made me laugh with those jokes especially the first one 😅
It's good to laugh because everything about you change for good. A worry man can never laugh unless he had to put away his problems and believe all will be well except he finds solution rather than dwelling on its negative side.

Exactly, I totally agree with you. I'm glad the jokes cold get you laughing, you need those laugh, thanks for stopping by.