MINDFUL LIFE CURATION - Mindful Nature Walks, Creativity, Journeying Together and Finding Time to Meditate

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Authored by @porters


It seems that at this time of sheltering in place many people are taking the opportunity to slow down, be more mindful and even develop some meditation practices. Many are sharing their experiences or just being able to enjoy being with like minded people. That was the reason the Mindful Life Community was formed - a space within Natural Medicine whose aims are:

• To unite meditators across the Hive blockchain so that we can share and strengthen our own practices
• To provide a space to discuss the philosophy, science and practical application of such practices in our lives
• To inspire and motivate each other
• To provide support if we might be struggling, connecting with like minded people who might offer solutions

Searching tags like #mindfullife #mindfulness or #meditation will bring up posts like I am about to share...



@redrica brings us some beutiful creations from here mindful nature walks. To observe her creative photography is a meditation in itself! Check them out here



@juanvegetarian was inspired by the last Mindful Life post and went on to write about his own experiences plus a desire to

practice being more mindful of how I affect others with my words and actions

Read his complete article here



@movingman feels it is a good time to do some meditation and shared how it is possible to get in some meditation even if you feel you do not have the time. He was encouraging his friend @trucklife-family to try a short 6 minute session and it turned into 16! For a little motivation to start meditating give his post a look here


Some other wonderful posts I found were:

@chireerocks beautiful poetry on judging others with encouragement to be kind here

@madushanka speaks of preserving her creativity and how to live more to our capabilities here

@minismallholding who found a wonderful quote but then she got thinking about it and shared her thought here

@fmbs25 had her Mindful Monday post on ensuring children have a long and happy life here

@revisesociology gave some medatative reflections here

@solinvinctus was on day 10 of his 21 day abundance challenge with a meditation on the Law of Karma and conscious decisions here

And I will leave you with some beautiful meditative cello music by @montanacellist here


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Wow. This is a welcome surprise. Thanks for including my writeup in this curation post. It is an honor to be part of the mindful life community. Be well everyone. :)

Nice to have you here, Juan :<)

You have a lot to contribute. 😊

I appreciate the vote of confidence and the warm welcome @vincentnijman and @artemislives. I'm glad to be here to share ideas, participate and to learn from others as well. Good day!

A REALLY nice job on the curation, @porters - well done. I'm a HUGE cello fan and have just happily followed @montanacellist 😍 Thank you for the introduction. 😍

Thank you for the mention, I will be sure to follow you and try to be more involved.

Glad to hear that! :<)

Always a pleasure to read these kind of stories @porters
Thank you! :<)

I will check out as many of the curated posts as possible.

P.S. Would you believe that I haven't meditated in a while? Luckily I still go on a walk or two in nature ( for as far as I can call this mix between park and nature around here that ) every single day, which comes pretty close to meditation for me.

I feel it's about time to get back into this habit.

Big hug!

Wow thanks for the mention, hope it's brought some tranquility to some. I am all for natural medicine, so loving the work you all do here <3

@naturalmedicine, Thank you so much for your kind mention team and in my opinion Mindful Space play important role because in this way we get a clue if people are in Alignment or not. Stay blessed always team.