Pulling Off A Quickie

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Living on a narrowboat, especially one as small as mine, can be challenging for full vigorous sessions; so I had to find a way to pull off quickie yoga routines in bed to incorporate with my other fitness activities for my well-being.

It's morning, and as the sunrays gleam in, I get into position to salute the sun. Yoga upon rising is convenient and sets the mood right for the rest of the day, and doing stretches before breakfast on an empty stomach with just a glass of water is highly recommended anyway.


Of course, doing yoga on the bed limits a total workout, because the support from the bed is not as firm as what being on the ground provides. Still, a quickie is better than none at all.

I like to start in a seated position

A little warm-up deep breathing exercise is good for you to bring your attention to your breath, and it's a good time for you to think about what you would like to achieve from your practice (focus your intention); whether it's to focus and become more aware and being in the present, becoming more mindful of applying all senses to your everyday activities, or just to be in the moment void of distractions, tuning into the sounds and movements around you.


The most natural seating position for me, that I'd also recommend to others is sitting cross-legged in a half-lotus position, as it feels comfortable, helps to open my hips, and gives them a good stretch all the way done to my knees and ankles. I even sit like this while working from my bedroom office, so it was only time before I'd start adding a few stretches here and there to keep my blood circulation flowing.

Do you have a weak core? Don't worry!

Sitting cross-legged makes it easier for me to elongate my spine, simultaneously stimulating my pelvic area, lower abdomen, and bladder.(a little tongue-twisting there).
This upright position also enables me to have better control of my breathing because my spine is activated and engaged, which makes me feel calm.
I'd recommend this to everyone.

Another benefit I get from the half-lotus position is that it helps to restore energy to my sacral and root chakras (the lower abdomen area below the navel, and the base of the spine, respectively); With both areas balanced, I feel more grounded and confident to face challenges and it also improves my ability to control my emotions and that of others around me.

For Yoga On The Bed

I recommend seated or lying positions over standing ones, as you need to feel properly supported to avoid injuries. Hugging, twisting, and folding of the body, helps to release toxins, tension, and overtime helps to release tightness and restrictive movements in the hips and shoulders, especially. These simple movements also help to strengthen our core area, and they are good for toning the tummy too.

Each pose is held for the count of 5, on each side, while focusing on taking deep, even breaths.

Regardless of the length, yoga can be done anywhere, and at anytime; whether it's a five minute quickie or an hour-long session.

Yoga is for everyone!

Some of us sit at our desks for extended periods, which can cause our bodies to feel lethargic, and heavy. Yoga shouldn't be considered as a time consuming exercise, because quickie yoga sessions are effective too.

Do you have difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings?

The good news is that while you contemplate getting up, you could lie like a happy baby and rock side to side. This is good for massaging your spine and back muscles. A healthy spine is key to longevity. Without a good spine, we're going no where.

Inverted Positions

I try to limit inverted yoga positions on the bed too. However positions such as downward dog is manageable. This helps to give a total body stretch and rejuvenates the body by helping the blood flow to circulate.

Downward Dog is a good resting position to catch the breath, but it's still an active position that stretches the shoulders, spine, neck, hips, thighs, and ankles. Furthermore, the inverted position sends the blood pumping which helps to restore and energise you.

Regardless of where I do my yoga, I always end the session in corpse pose, savasana. This is a great pose to reward the body for the hard work it has done in the yoga session.
Flat on back, feet hip width apart, shoulders relaxed with arms extended; I take normal breaths for about 5 minutes, and then I slowly wiggle my toes, fingers, and rotate my ankles to awake my body.


These are just a few good, simple movements that can be done right on your bed in your pyjamas if you fancy.

With continuous practice, I just might find other positions that are suited for yoga in bed.

I'd like for you to give some of these a try, and leave me a comment, as I'd like to hear how you get on.

Thanks for stopping by to check this out:)


I did yoga when I contracted Covid and felt unable to do it anymore because I had back pain. but I feel fit after. I might be trying yoga in bed like you :D

I would recommend you do it on the bed only if there is no other space, and try to keep the movements basic and light. I'm keen on safe work-outs, and if you don't practice yoga regularly, doing it on a hard surface would provide better support, and you'd be more likely to develop the confidence to deepen your practice.

I'll continue practicing on the bed, with hopes that I find techniques to improve on things that wouldn't occur to me on hard surfaces.

Best wishes for you, and thanks for stopping by:)

Some of us sit at our desks for extended periods, which can cause our bodies to feel lethargic, and heavy.

Exactly how I feel sometimes. You've got superb flexibility. I try to stretch every day, especially because cycling shortens so many muscles, but the weather has been so insanely hot I don't have the drive.

I didn't know you lived on a narrow boat; that's awesome.

Yes, I live on a tiny narrowboat, thanks:)
I totally get that about the shortening of muscles from cycling.
I used to cycle daily (my only means of transportation) when I lived in the Philippines. Luckily I balanced my exercises with yoga, pilates, and pool aerobics, to prevent my muscles from getting too short and thick. I'm only 5'2 in height, so I did all that to avoid looking like a sumo wrestler 🤣
I still have a long way to go with flexibility, but it's a slow continual process:)

I think taking a break from cycling in the extreme hot weather is a brilliant idea!

Thanks for stopping by:)

I did all that to avoid looking like a sumo wrestler


I tried pilates before breaking my leg. Gosh. Why? It's mental. Sometimes I was sure my soul would leave the body. I know it's about consistency, but it's way to haaaard.

I absolutely love pilates. It's German invented, so yes, a bit mechanical, but great for muscle conditioning and super effective.

I think I'll try slotting in a few sessions of it actually :)

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I love doing yoga in bed especially before I go to sleep. I feel like it relaxes my body and prepares me for a good rest. I love doing the pigeon pose because it stretches my hip openers which helps in reducing low back pain after a long day. Beautiful poses 🤗 Namaste🧘🏻‍♀️

Thanks for your kind feedback :)
I think pigeon pose is an excellent idea, and it wouldn't hurt to do hip-opening exercises everyday.
I appreciate you stopping by, and I like the sound of yoga before bed!
Namaste 🙏🏾

Yes! I love hip openers 🤗🤗 Take care and I hope you are well 🥺

😊 Yes, I'm doing well!
Take care too:)

Ok, that's super inspiring and I think I have to stop procrastinating with the excuse of having limited free space. My 5 square meters feel like a palace right now! Well done @millycf1976!

LOL! Yes, that size sounds like a palace for real.
I needed to find a way... It's winter, so it's not convenient to do it outside on the towpath, and on top of my boat is loaded with wood for my wood burner.
Thank you for your nice feedback. I hope you'll get back into routine, even if you start doing just one or two poses 😊

Yes, I will get back into routine in my palace!!!
Actually tonight I think I need a small session before going to bed :)
Wish you flexibility and a lovely night!

such a rewarding and flexible yoga practice, you really care a lot about your health and that's really great and that's why you have a very toned body.😄 I've never lived on a boat, it's kind of weird here. But it's fun to experience. Life in England is really peaceful and gentler than my life here.

Thank you!😊I try to look after myself and keep as fit as possible, but I'm always a work in progress.
There are so many other things beautiful in your country, that it's hard to compare. Many people in the UK would trade places to be in Vietnam at the drop of a hat.
Thanks for stopping by:)

Actually this is the time when I have to work a lot to earn money and worry about life, hopefully in 10 years I can have a trip or simply have a boat to rest like you.😝

Haha! I'm sure someday you'll reap the rewards of all your hard work and efforts 😜

Yoga is a practice that connects the body, breath and mind. This practice uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health. Yoga developed as a spiritual practice thousands of years ago. Today most people in the West do yoga for exercise and to reduce stress.