Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

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This is my Reverse Osmosis Filtration system, introduced to me my a friend who has been using it for years.

Normal R.O systems/machines are expensive! In fact most of the machines use this exact type of set up that I have, which you can built yourself if you know how. There was actually a video on youtube this guy filmed, where took apart those expensive R.O filtration machines and found...lo and behold...the same set up that you see in this video.

I got the product from:

Just in case you dunno what Reverse Osmosis is:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the process of purifying water through a semi-permeable membrane to remove unwanted contaminants and molecules. In regular osmosis, as demonstrated in a thousand high school science lessons across the land, freshwater and salt (or sugar) water are separated by a semi-permeable membrane. The water migrates through the membrane from the weak to the strong solution until the water is equally salty (or sugary) on both sides.

This process can be reversed if pressure is applied to the stronger solution. When that happens, water migrates through the semi-permeable membrane away from the dissolved solids. It is this process that is used in reverse osmosis to separate dissolved salts and minerals from your feed water. It’s more effective than using inline filter cartridges (which usually use carbon as filter media) and results in up to 98% rejection of dissolved contaminants.

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Have you considered adding some sort of vortex at the output end to energise the water?

Sat Nam


Now I have! Thanks for the recommendation!

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So after learning about the dangers of RO water I switched to Kangen water for a few years.

Kangen Water was really beneficial. Admittedly, I am back on Reverse Osmosis water for now until I find a good water source or a kangen machine. They are expensive but for a good reason. The Kangen water machine is expensive and I was able to find a store in Las Vegas for cheap-ish monthly water shares. 3-5 gallons every other day.

With RO water just be sure to get plenty of minerals! But yeah getting that fluoride out is really important!

Thanks for the heads up brother!

Yeah man RO is still important for removing the flouride. It just becomes a bit much trying to fight the toxins. If it isn't this its that.🙃

I personally use heavy metal detox in the form of l-ascorbic acid powder. I try to take about 20grams a day (one teaspoon is 5 grams). I actually only need 15grams but hey ho, we're in the winter times and the flu season is upon us (i rarely get sick).

I also practice urine therapy so any minerals that gets leeched will become one with me once more.

I'm also a vegetarian so i am relatively pure.

Can't fight all the toxins you know, just do what we can. Detox, salt flushes, fasting, urine therapy is the shit.

Yeah, I have not done urine therapy. I have a friend into it that uses for neti pots. I never thought I would do coffee enemas but I did lol so you never know.

Coffees enemas/ the Gerson diet, is the ultimate for clearing out that liver bile duct of heavy metals...

I never explored L-ascorbic acid for heavy metal detox. Makes sense because, ironically enough, I avoid that because of how it supposedly takes minerals away from your body in the process of it breaking down. But was conscious of that since I was drinking RO water for a long time. I take liposomal Vitamin c now. I might look further into Ascorbic acid for heavy metal detox now. Thanks for the heads up!

I tried going vegan but yeah it made me slightly anemic. Maybe was my blood type, B type. I was eating micronizing organic kale, Dark leafy greens like spinach, lentils beans etc. But Man I got some serious concerns about the food supply and getting closer to healthier food stock. What if they are vaccinating the food, I know they are to the zoo animals... Maybe finding a good well water/ spring source maybe iron and mineral uptake wont be an issue.

Re-visiting the Bhagavata and how the As It is version stresses vegetarian life style, I am feeling the urge to go vegetarian where I still consume eggs and raw milk. That is vegetarian right? I forget the rules lol...

This is an excellent presentation.

The human body is an amazing machine, even though it has origin in suffering. It really doesn't need much to sustain itself. Bretherianism, urine therapy, fasting, brings out the best of it.

I'm sure they are doing some fucked up shit to the food. I remember watching Celeste Solum's videos on the matter. All we can do is go organic and self-grown the best we can, and stay away from processed foods, or partaking in the foods offered throughout society (convenience stores, restaurants, packaged goods etc) as much as possible.

Yeah as a vegetarian you can still have milk and eggs! I'm trying to quit diary from my diet though, and i don't eat eggs as much as i used to. Just a ton of beans, tonnes of fruit, tonnes of water and tonnes of fact you can call me a piss taker. Taking the piss for life.

Here's a podcast for you my friend:


Yeah I will send these links to him for sure! I will watch the ascorbic acid video sure!

A great thing to have, The tap water around here is really bad. I pay for my water but if i owned i would instal one of these

Well you can buy one of those things and do what i do: use it whenever you need to make clean water to drink. I'm not sure if you meant you buy your water from the stores...but even bottled water is no good.


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