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@Ryzeonline made this video. He made it for his father in 2018 right before we met. By the time we became friends he was at the final editing stage. I didn't help for shit to make this video better but this video definitely changed my life.

Jay sent it to me and asked me to help make it better but I watched it - and it's long AF, 2 hours, but worth every single minute.

Back then I was taking painkillers and muscle relaxers to help with my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I was on Xanax for my panic attacks. And I was smoking a tremendous amount of weed for my sanity to deal with my ex-husband and my kids.

I was miserable. The day he sent this video to me, I was so happy he asked me for help. We barely knew each other but I was so into him and wanted to help him.

I watched the full two hours without fast-forwarding or moving.

In the video, Wim Hof, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Rankin, Marisa Peer, Naveen Jain, and other famous health leaders talk about healing naturally. Actually, it goes sooooo deep on it that it's incredible and amazing information! Truly!.

I had never in my life heard anyone say that my cells could transform my health and that I, myself, could heal on my own. Jay and I had talked about LOA but at the time we hadn't gotten that far into it. I had other traumas to deal with, clearly lol.

After watching it I felt empowered to take control of my own health and well-being. I was a vegan then but I was super unhealthy and felt sick all the time. It wasn't not eating meat, it was the chemicals that I was ingesting all day and my belief that I was sick.

Anyway, after the video ended I tossed my painkillers and muscle relaxers into the toilet and spent the next 3 days on my living room floor detoxing from the pills, cold turkey. It sucked but at the same time, it was amazing. I felt free. I was taking control of my life and my body. I believed that I would be ok and I was.

I didn't sleep much, ate a ton of candy, and sang - a lot. But by day 3 I felt like a new person. The day you wake up from detox and you're no longer in withdrawal and you see the colors of the world as they are, you feel like Dorothy when she landed in Oz.

It's a whole new world and everything is beautiful, bright, and exciting and I knew my life was just beginning.

That video taught me that I no longer had to let other outside sources control my body, my mind, or my life. I manifested an easy peasy clean-up. The first in my life (I have kicked Heroin, Cocaine, and pain killers before), and this was the easiest it had ever been because I believed my cells wanted desperately to feel good, to let go of the need for the chemicals and I was right.

This video changed my life and it was all because of Jay. He showed me this info, I applied it to my life, and I was a new woman. And this is where my journey to become a better person began.

So, if you're struggling with your health, then you should definitely watch this. It's incredible.

Thank You, Jay. I know you made this for dad but I'm super grateful for it. I know it can help others just like it helped me too.

~Love, Cyn


I'm so glad these various talks and excerpts from experts in the health industry helped you. I made this way before covid, but I'm sure there's plenty of helpful health info in it regardless. Thanks for sharing! :) 🙏

There's tons of info that can help lots of people! Thank You! I appreciate this video more than You know. ❤️❤️❤️


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