Selfie Printed Onto a Wall Using Liquid Photo Emulsion


Shot on some b/w film using a Graflex 4x5 camera. Printed onto a wall using liquid photo emulsion. Yes, I did coat the wall with light sensitive emulsion, exposed a negativ onto it and washed it in developer, fixer and a lot of water.
To make this all possible I built a darkish tent and worked through the night.
The toughest part: When I left, I had to leave it behind... Somewhere in Bulgaria...

And here you can see the whole mural in full colour:



That is a fantastic work of art! Kudo's for a great idea and great work!

Thanks, I do appreciate the positive feedback!

Thank you for your contribution to the Analog (FILM) Photog community.

omg ! such an interesting technique.
but where to find this light-sensitive emulsion?

In Europe you can order it from e.g. Fotoimpex:

I used Rollei Black Magic. If you need any directions on how to use it, just drop me a line.

thank you
i will check this :-)

OMG! What a great job! I loved it! 🔥✨

WOAH! This is really cool! Time to find some wall space!

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This is so good I have been wanting to try this technique recently. Any tips ?

Loads of tips here... Do you want to do it outdoors? Then you should wait for longer nights, as the emulsion likes to harden for ~10 hours (I coated in the evening and exposed before sunrise, even though I had the walls covered in black fabric).
And then you have to find a way to rinse it with the chemicals. I used the 5l pump-spray bottles for gardening.

I'd start with applying it to paper or such; you can work in red light and put it somewhere dark to dry.
You can apply it using a soft brush. Make sure you don' paint it on, but coat it with a thin layer. Pouring it is an option if you coat something flat.

One tricky part is that you have to warm up the emulsion. This is done best by placing a container with the emulsion into a bowl of water of ~40 C°.

Feel free to ask any question.

i was going too do it inside on wood as an art piece.

did you follow a tutorial?

I followed quite a few tutorials.

Doing it inside on a piece of wood is quite easy. You can work in red light.
You take about 1-2 spoon of the emulsion, put it in a bowl that sits in warm water, wait till the emulsion turns liquid, and then either paint it on in two layers (wait for 20 minutes inbetween), or even better, coat it, which simply means you paint a thicker layer. You could even pour it, but you will get one thicker corner (the one you use to pour the excess emulsion off). Do not pour the rest of the emulsion back into the bottle, it is waste.

Then you should let it dry, 24h might be good. If you use a light tight box, make sure to open it every few hours so humidity can escape.

Also: Make sure to coat quite a few extra pieces for your test strips.

Developement: After exposure, if this is your final piece, maybe consider soaking the wood in water before developement. This way, no chemistry can be soaked into the wood.
Then proceed with normal developement (tray or spray) and you are done. Agitate/spray carefully so the emulsion does not come off (but it should stick quite well to wood).