in Photographylast month (edited)

I shoot these six different picture on different time in exactly the same spot from our window which is facing the city.

My Google photos is full of pictures. And mostly, it's all flowers, my barefoot, sunsets, sunrise, pink skies and more.

Today, I will share one of the many photographs that I have been storing for a while.


Those buildings are called "Marco Polo Plaza". It's a hotel and condominium in the area.







It's so amazing how the scenery can be so different through-out the day. Imagine sitting on a chair. Watching the same spot, then few minutes later the whole scenery will change. The colour of the sky from daytime until late afternoon til the early evening. Amazing isn't?

That's how Mother Nature maneuver the entire scene. And I'm loving it.

Cheers 🥂🥴🍾


Yay! 🤗
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Hi Leader on board! Hahhaa. Naa naka Ila G?



Hahaaah wala pa, gi yupak kos work. Naa paman meeting after office hours uii, gikapoy ko ha, awwweee! 😂😂😂😂
Lami e tug unya kapoy ang mata. 😔

Tulog nalang Pero matabgyapon panagsa?! Hahahhaa

Lami itambay here, chikka, inom, libak, real life talks and everything. Hahahahaah

Yes @asasiklause hahahhaa. Everything as a friend hahhahaauntitled.gif

yes. Pra claro ba hahahah

hahahahah. tara na!

Tara na? @gerel @asasiklause hahhaha. Mang laag Sab ta ninyo uyyyy..

Puhon2. Kay murag busy pa gamai ang life. Ahhahaha

When?? hehe.

Nature is amazing indeed! Thats6why i look at the sky everytime

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The sky will always be my favorite thing to look at HUHUHUUU especially when it's purple, pink, orange--AAAHHHHHHH MY HEARRTTTTTT😍💜

Awwwwtttttttzzzz. @jongcl super! You named it 💖💜🧡 bitaw ba. Amazing kaayo! untitled.gif

lami elupad-lupad dha, oiiii, wak-wak spotted. hahaha



nindota diay sa imo place... try time lapse sunrise ba, feel nako nndot ang result kay elevated imo place

Super kaayo @jayparagat Murag everyday inani gyud unless moulan. Pero amazing gyud kaayo Lavina sa mountain side Kay didto ang sunset. Super gyud! Ang sunrise Kay Naas likod. Di me kita. Pero daghan kaayo kog time lapse sa sunset ug pink skies. Hahaha


Cozy vibes kaayo 😍

Hi dear @cheerupwithjl super. Ila G sa una nga apartment inani pod ang view sa kahaponon. untitled.gif

Hola. Me gusta mucho como cambia las escenas de las torres, esas fotografías son muy hermosas y además muy creativas, gracias por compartir tus fotografías. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi there. I really like how the scenes of the towers change, those photographs are very beautiful and also very creative, thank you for sharing your photographs. A hug from Colombia.

Hi @juancho10 Thanks for the constant support always. Maybe I will see you posting some sunset and beautiful skies photos soon.

Hugs hugs from here 💖💖💖

No es nada, te mereces eso por tu buen trabajo. Espero pronto estar compartiendo fotografías de los lindos atardeceres con los que puedo encontrarme en Bogotá. Saludos y bendiciones para ti y tu familia.

It's nothing, you deserve that for your good work. I hope soon to be sharing pictures of the beautiful sunsets that I can find in Bogotá. Greetings and blessings to you and your family.

Kanindot ana ba! Very amazing mother nature sis!

Hi sis, Oo super kaayo. Salamat 💖💖💖💖

The sky looks so pretty!😍

Thank you dear! @sheethalx . have a nice day!

✨✨ what a magical view. I captured one last Saturday too..

Ka nice sa doggie ba! Nice kaayo Ric's ang reflection sa pink sky sa tubig. Ka amazing gyud sa Kalibutan ba. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Wow, that is a nice view. U can enjoy sunset from ur balcony 👍🏻

@rosmadirazali . It's actually from our window view. Our balcony faces the mountain View. Will share the sky photographs from our balcony soon.

Thank you @rosmadirazali untitled.gif