Honey Pot Moved Reminder

in The CTP Swarmlast month


Hi Folks

Just for those who look in my blog for Honey Pot Posts

They have moved and are now under the account @thehoneypot

Todays 18-05-2022 post is here

They do get posted in CTP Swarm community as well as CTP Talk and on @thehoneypot Blog

Moving forwards they will always be posted by @thehoneypot account so make sure that you are following and keep your eyes open

Remember to tell more and more people about the daily opportunity because the more participate the bigger the Daily Prize

I will be putting my upvote and name in the Barrel each day, however will not be claiming the prize if I win, If I do win then what I win will move into the next days Prize.

Make sure you follow @thehoneypot


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