Added Power Hour to my Day

in The CTP Swarmlast month

I am getting a little better about getting my daily activities completed however I get easily distracted.

Power Hour

Years ago when I was working in a corporate office the team wanted to give their workers a dedicated time without disruption. A "Power Hour" was created. The worker could designate an hour of their work day in which they could not be interrupted by by any co-workers. During this time, the worker would not answer the phone or have any meetings. They were supposed to use that one hour of dedicated time to complete project that had near term deadlines.

Power Hour.png


I was going through some old files trying to decide to toss or keep them and I found a reference to this time that I used in the past. I decided to put it into action since I was having issues getting my daily activities completed in a timely manner.

I had already created a list which I had prioritized into three buckets - "Must Do", "Need to Do" and "Want to Do". But I kept skipping over some of my "Must Do" items in favor of the other two buckets just because those items were easier to complete.


I implemented a dedicated hour into my schedule at the beginning of this week. The first two days were very difficult as I wanted to work on other items and let myself be distracted by not as important activity.

On Wednesday, I reminded myself what I was trying to accomplish with my "Power Hour" and was able to be a little more focused on my "Must Do" activities.

Today during my "Power Hour", I completed almost all of my "Must Do" activities. This will have a huge impact on my progress as it will help me to complete the items that I have prioritized as adding the most value to my daily activities.

Granted I still have a long way to go but this is a great start for me to become more productive and free up some extra time for other activities.

Please share what you are doing to be more productive as I would like to see it your suggestions would assist me in getting better as well. Have a great week. Take care.