Dividends delayed because of football

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Firstly, I would like to apologize to all the delegators to @ctpsb because they received this weeks dividends with a slight delay. I've just sent a batch of 1620 CTP tokens dividends to the delegators. The reason for the delay was football.

Because of an injury of another player, my son was called last minute to take part in a tournament in the south of the country. Since he is only 10 years old, we didn't want to leave him alone and we tagged along. The problem was that the tournament would start at 9h00 o'clock already and it's about a 2 hours trip to get there. So we got up at 5 am and started our journey...

What a nice experience

We arrived and the team was composed of players that didn't know each other much. There were player of at least 3 different teams and together they were supposed to play the game. We didn't expect much but I have never seen a team of 10 years old play like that. It was like Barcelona at their best time. They won the first game 8-0, the second 5-0, the third game 6-0 and the forth game 9-1. They finished at the top of their group with only 1 goal conceded.

The weather was beautiful and very hot for Switzerland. We were all backed under the sun and our kids had to run all the time. At this stage my son was already half out. He left his soccer boots somewhere and then didn't remember where he had put them.

Being first of their group they could now play the quarter finals and there they had to play against the first team of the host team. The host team being a professional Team of the first league of Switzerland. Again with the last power that they had, our guys managed to win 2-0.

The finals in the stadium

Now that they had reached this level, the finals would take place in the stadium of this professional team that offers place for 15'000 spectators. Well it was by far not full but I'm sure there were close to 500 parents and other players there assisting to the half final.

The Stadium where the finals were played in. Source: Wikipedia

The half final were pure emotions. There was only one of our kids that still had a kind of speed at that time and thanks to him, we managed to lead 3-0. Unfortunately, after this score the batteries were empty for all of them and the opponent team managed to score 3 more goals. Therefore, we had to go to the penalties... As parents it was almost too much to bear but our kids kept their cool heads and won 3-2 the penalties and had their spot in the big final.

In the final they were opposed to the regional selection. By the time our time had only two substitutes left, the others being injured or simply couldn't anymore. My son was one of them. He had just energy enough to play 5 minutes in the final but you could see that he couldn't anymore. After missing a penalty and hitting to pole twice, they finally lost the final 1-0.

It was such a great experience but I had to carry my son to the car and we finally arrived home at 21h00. I was kind of tired as well and went straight to bed. So sorry for the late dividends this week :-)

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