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A Stock reaction gif to use in Hive posts or comments! Post it when someone does a good job!

10 out of 10


This image my first contribution to Hive Stock Images Project. It was inspired by one of the images I found on a Giphy search. This one of the first gifs I create, the quality is only going to go up from here.

  • ahmadmanga

Image Info

  • Type: Gif
  • Frames: 2
  • Size: 1200x1200px
  • Versions
    • 1: Yellow Background
    • 2: Transparent Background

Download Links

Imgur: Ver. 1 (1200x1200px) - Ver 2. (Transparent) - Cropped - [ALL]
Giphy: Ver. 1 - Ver. 2 (Transparent)

Tags: #10 #10outof10 #fullmarks #cute


Frame 1Frame 2Animated
Ten out of Ten Frame 1.pngTen out of Ten Frame 2.png
Frame 1 (Transparent)Frame 2Animated
Ten out of Ten Frame 1 (Transparent).pngTen out of Ten Frame 2 (Transparent).pngTenOutofTen-Transparent-byAhmadmanga-ezgif.com.gif

This work by @ahmadmanga is licensed under CC BY-SA License.

Terms of use:

You're free to these images and make derivatives out of the, as long as you:

  • Give Attribution: Credit @ahmadmanga.
  • Share-Alike: Your derivative work must also fall under a compatible Creative Commons license.
  • Special Permissions for Hive Network:
    • Credit isn't needed in comments or microblogging. (like DBuzz.)
    • A beneficiary (5%) to @ahmadmanga can motivate me to make more art.
  • Want Custom Version? I Can Create One For You~
    • Give your suggestions in the comments below.

~ (A Hive Exclusive Article)~


This could also connect to school and education. Nice work. 🙂

Thanks, It never corssed my mind but yes. It can be a "Full Marks" image. Thanks for coming to my blog.


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