New Game published!

in Board Gaming6 months ago

So, uh, I published my first game last week...

Box in hand.jpg

It's this little rummy-style game where you try to match 5 copies of one gem or one copy of each gem. Real simple, but it's got some neat mechanics to mix things up.

Special Stones.jpg

Mimic and Pass cards add a layer of chaos to the game that gives it something fun. The pass left and right cards force you to give up something and get something else from your opponents. It's a good way for larger groups to interact when it's not their turn, and still be able to influence the game state. The Mimic gem serves as a copy of one other gem in your hand. It's really only usable for sets, not runs, so it can be a good card to stymie someone's build. Conversely, if you see someone drop a mimic, that means they're definitely going for a run!

I developed this game for a game dev contest run by The Game Crafter. The goal was to make a game that could be played during a lunch break. I opted for many short rounds, as a way to allow the game to be flexible to people's work and lunch schedules. This makes it very easy to drop in and drop out as needed. If you want to try the game for yourself, you can pick it up here. The Game Crafter is a print on demand game publisher based out of Wisconsin. They ship worldwide, they're awesome people, and they're really great to work with.