Bug Poo Is The Solution ???

Hey everyone, who would have thought that bug sh!t would make such an incredible fertilizer. As important as food is, plant food is just as, I am discovering that as we speak and what an adventure it promises to be.


Weekly we are getting more and more bug poo as our colony increases in size they eat more, they sh!t more, and we get more of what I can only describe as the world's most wonderful organic fertilizer.


I recently posted about my new mealworm business which plans to be a major player in the dwindling sustainable protein supply, another branch to this wonderful business is organic fertilizer which I'm figuring out possesses some incredible plant feeding attrubutes!


Currently I am running experiments on my Bonsai plants as well as my mate next doors Chillis so far the results are astounding.


The mixture comprises of mostly worm poo the rest would be small granules of wheat bran which too adds to value and nutrients. I generally mix this with water and let it soak for an hour thereafter administering to the plants, the colour resembles Maltabella.


My little Dachund Tinkie at my side as always very enthusiastic about proceedings, below my bonsai black cherry looking incredible with dark lush leaves thriving on this amazing natural organic fertilizer.


Nature the incredible.

I trust you have a wonderful Wednesday.
Love, light and blessings.


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Stunning thanks so much!

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Awesome many thanks, much appreciated

There is a lot of fun behind gardening, planting is very good at preserving natural resources, very good work :)

True that brother