Morning Surprise - Baby Calf

in Homesteading5 months ago

Just the other day we had a morning surprise from our Bantum hen. Today, we had one from our milk cow! We've been waiting for her baby to be born for a few weeks now. The guy who helps us with her said she would deliver on Oct. 22. I guess he was a few days off!

My husband came in this morning after he had gone to move her to a new patch of grass and said the baby had arrived. We all ran out after him to meet the baby and see if we had a boy or a girl. We sure were hoping for a female, but she had a boy.

We decided on the name H. Patty and I think it fits him well. He's a dark brown, almost black color. He's still really young, so he's very skittish!


The helper guy came by and checked mama and told us that we needed to milk her. Her udder is massive and her little guy is just not going to need that much milk. Wahoo for fresh milk, butter, and cream for us again!

I keep going to check on the little guy and his mama. It's funny that he can walk under her - he's pretty small! He curled up in the grass right under her this morning as well.

Mama's name is Zarzamora which means blackberry. We have named our milk cows after different types of flowers and blackberries grow wild around here, plus she is black!


We are thankful that things went well with this delivery as her last did not go well. We didn't have to intervene at all and he was born in the middle of the night. It must have been why one of our dogs was howling a lot last night - he could hear mama!

He's just the cutest and softest thing! I hope soon he'll start to grow and do well as he gets bigger.