High above the fray #lovetheclouds

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I don’t know if the rest of the world is aware, but South Africa has been going to hell in a hand basket the last couple weeks. The news has been shocking. And the most shocking thing is that this stuff is real and it’s affecting my friends.

Unrest is disturbing and traumatic to those directly affected. But even to those, like me, that are watching, you can’t help but think that this has all gone on long enough. And yet still feel helpless to fix any of it other than to keep my housekeeper employed. To do the little good that I can with what’s in my hand. To speak encouragement even when it seems to be like whistling into the wind.


We happened to be away hiking when SA went crazy and in this little bit of space above the clouds I felt quite separate from the frey. It’s amazing how position determines your perspective.

From below, these clouds would seem all encompassing and oppressing, blocking the light of the morning and forming a claustrophobic blanket over anyone down there.

sound on

But from up above on Cape Point, the very tip of Africa, it feels like an island, separated from the mainland yet still attached by a sliver of hidden land. It feels like the world and it’s madness are hidden from view and the new dawn is coming.


We were up early to witness this breaking of dawn and the rising of the sun. We were rewarded with majestic beauty and a moment of awe as the sun splashed onto the clouds covering the whole of False Bay below, only exposing the Helderberg Mountain Range in the distance.

This is my #lovetheclouds entry

Peace abounds as fear departs. The two cannot coexist. I make conscious decisions to choose peace and optimism over the insanity that surrounds us right now. We are blessed. We have a home and food and security and options where others have none. We choose to continue to be here and be present for those that need a shoulder to lean on.

The morning view from Protea Hut on Cape Point

The ever changing seasons will be a constant. The clouds and their harsh rains or beautiful sunrises will remain and we will be here to point others faces upwards to share the beauty that surrounds us.

Cape Point and our hut in the distance after 10km of hiking last Sunday

Our hike was pretty epic and added another almost 40 kilometres to the distance I had already done on the Outeniqua Hike just 3 days before. But I’ll post a full story about this Cape Point hike soon.

In the meantime enjoy the sunrise and the clouds.



Oooh wee! You had me at the cover image. I'm gonna check the rest out now, it better not suck!

I just added a sunrise video so you can listen to the ocean and the birds too!! Sound on!!

This isn’t the full hike. Just a little rant and the sunrise.

PS. I hope it doesn’t suck! 😂

Not even a little.

That’s good to know… hope some people do more reading that photo watching.

I think a good majority do. If not for this platform, I would be way more in the dark about South Africa than I am already. So I thank you for the updated concerns.

Stay strong. These are tough times but normal people are waking up and seeing that chaos is not the answer. Cheers from the U.S.

Beautiful pictures. Wish i can visit one day.

Thank you! Hanging in there. Despite all the nonsense Cape Town is exceptionally beautiful and a wonder place to visit. Look me up for a hike if you get here.

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Waooo amazing 😍

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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