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Quality always prevails


Before going to my native, I wanted to take some cookies for my Mom. It's a little hectic to go this far to bring just some cookies, but I would do anything for Mom. There is a shop in the ground floor of Pal Heights, which has a baking unit - that is where I bought the cookie first time some times back and took it. Mom liked it so much that, she always reminds me to take few - the vanilla cookies.


I did not know that they got the cookies from the shop that has everything for cookie / cake lovers. This time, they did not have stock and told me to go to the store on second floor and inquire. And what I found out on second floor was pure mind boggling.


How does it look like ? A perfect ambience to enjoy the most delicious cakes and cookies, isn't it ? I myself is not a cake / pastry lover, but my kids are die hard fans - my daughter was very angry to see these photos - how can you go alone !!


The above section deals with healthy nuts.


The colorful macrons - even though, I won't eat, they attracted my eyes.


The cookies section - they have varieties of cookies - I got only three vanilla cookies - they have reduced the production because of Covid.



You can get freshly baked cakes in an hour - and buy these gift containers to present it to your loved ones.




Look at these cakes / truffles - irresistible temptation to try out few - I will take my kids here for sure.










The cakes were so beautiful that, I asked the person to take out one so that I can take some snaps.



Looking at these, I can say, they are created with passion - the passion to serve the customer to satisfaction. That is when one can deliver consistent quality. Covid has hit them hard, but they have not deteriorated the quality - they deliver contact-less but the ambience has a lot of value. Going there and enjoying some of these awesome pastries / cakes will have a different experience all together. Already promised my daughter to take here soon.

This post will be part of my google review of this place - I have got more than 112320 views and some followers as well - hope some of them land here.

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Those are some colorful cakes there, sometimes bakers reduce quality especially when their business is being hit hard by some financial constraints. In Nigeria it's difficult to take pictures to review of places like this unless the owners are enlightened.

I think, quality always prevails and especially in food, maintaining that is a must. Here we do have flexibility to take photos as we wish - the gold / ornaments shops are the ones who deny, otherwise any other place is ok.

Ohhhh I thought it was all the shops that allows for pictures

No, I tried to take photos of a jewellery shop and they said NO - they said one has to take permission from their owner - reaching him would need few days - uber rich people.

Wow !! Shop is looks so nice and colorful. So many design of cakes and cookies, How was the taste. I hope,they maintain both quality and look and feel.

Wow they seems to have quite a huge collections and varieties of cake and it ingredients.

I would have love to be there and explore to get creative inspiration of my subsequent baking.

Thanks for sharing.

hello dear friend @sanjeevm good afternoon
what you say is very true, one does anything for our mother.
What a beautiful business, I love the lighting, the hygiene and the neatness of how things are displayed.
Everything looks delicious, invites you to take a bite.
enjoy it a lot

This is love for mother. It's really cool to have cookies for your mother. The vanilla company is pretty good. The shop is quite well furnished.

It's great that you wrote the sentiments. People who feel the elders and serve the parents thrive in every part of the world. Serve the parents the most so that your children will follow too Here are some beautiful pictures of the market array.

They did the same for us at their capacity - we must serve them at our fullest capacity.

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