Same Same - some family moments

Coincidentally same same


After a long time, we went to shop a toy - my daughter wanted to go to her friend's birthday and she wanted to give some gift. Interestingly, we had matching shirts - she always loves to match with me, but you know others always tell, I follow her :) Everyone favors the lady - no one wants to listen to the men.



This walk over bridge connects to a mini shopping mall, where we have the toy store - the one, where we used to be regular few years back. For the first time, we walked through this bridge and it was quite lonely, may be because of Covid.




The toy store is my favorite because they always have affordable collections for every range. More ever, they know me personally, we used to buy a lot earlier. So without asking anything, they would provide some discounts. Does toys fascinate you ?




They denied to come back home without eating anything - they love street foods. So I had to take them to a place that is dedicated to street foods. There are so many vendors selling street foods at one place - you would get anything. Ever tried this version of chicken ?


The grills from smoky charcoal - it has got a separate flavor.



Look at those menu - never ending choices - and suits your pocket.



She discovered the 8th wonder, looks like - she never thought, the paneer momo would be so tasty.


The lady opted for a roll - only 50/- INR.













They got exhausted eating so many varieties and I was also happy - all within just 500/-. One of my friend always quotes - the dust on the road side makes the food tasty, you can never have that taste at home 😀 Good that, the government has allowed dedicated place for all of them to serve from one place. We have 2 such streets in my city - this one being the nearest.

Compare this to the rural - they look more simple but that won't sell in cities. It has to be eye catching. Do you have similar streets at your place ? Do you eat street foods or you are more health conscious ? I am conscious but I forget when I eat :)


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Wonderful moments Sanjeev. Enjoying street foods with your family. Lots of things you have shown in the picture, it is really mouth watering...I like so much this kind of street foods. I will try for that...

That was hilarious @sanjeevm! But with such a beautiful wife of course nobody would question the same same.

nobody looks at me :)

I use to watch a lot of videos on Indian street foods and I saw a lot of biryani and varieties of meat being eaten different. The smoky meat probably results from the marinade and the constant cooking over that fire and smoke. Its good to see the wife and kids eat to their fills, can be generally satisfying hahah. Plus, let me applaud the camera's ability even in low light.
I love your footer as well, cheers to a fellow loyaltist to the chain

I love your footer as well, cheers to a fellow loyaltist to the chain

I am learning from you guys :) Trying to write daily, improve on content etc.

Hmmm... Yum, Yum ... That was a quite big roll for only 50 INR.

Nice to see your family enjoying the outdoor.

Ya, quite affordable and tasty.

You have a very good family and take every opportunity you can to spend time with them happily and have fun. One is better. Because family is the number one thing in our lives. And everyone in your family is so beautiful.

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