Photo 52, 2020 Challenge, Week Number 42

Welcome to the Hive Blockchain Photo 52, 2020 Weekly Photography and CreativeCoin Contest! Each week will see a new theme, new photos, and a new weekly champion. The themes for the year have already been pre-determined and can be viewed here:!AhEIx14z2g9DkbcQ_MkBBO3-fNQ5PA

This weeks theme: Dark!



1. Weekly theme will be open every Wednesday morning and close midnight EST (GMT-5) the following Tuesday.
2. Weekly participation **is not mandatory**. Come and go as you please.
3. Upvotes are **not required** but are appreciated to increase the prize size.
4. Resteem is **not required** but is appreciated to get the word out.
5. Please use three tags in your entry:

    * PHOTO52

6. Please also reply to this post with a link to your weekly entry so I can easily find it. 

The Weekly champion will receive that week's prize.

Weekly Prize

  • 50% of the liquid reward of this post.

Grand Prize

At the end of the year all 52 winning photographs will be put up in a poll for the community to vote on. The winning photo becomes the 2020 Photo 52 Grand Champion! The Grand Champion prize is the entire liquid Hive in the @photo52 account's holding.

All liquid earnings will be given as prize money by years end.
All staked earnings are used to vote for all entries.

This is both a photography and a creativecoin contest. Be unique! Be inspirational! Be creative! Be creative in both subject matter and photographic composition. Have fun!

This weeks theme: Dark!

It's close to Halloween, and I personally love dark, eerie photos, but "dark" is open to interpretation! Let's see what you've got.


I almost always miss this contest. It's the only one that ends in the middle of the week so I'm often too late. But not this time...

It's not the best quality picture due to the circumstances, but I still like it. I took this picture when I was cycling to work in the dark and the sun just started to rise on the horizon.


ohh I like it, so many weeks have passed and I'm barely hearing about this contest.

I like to participate in everything and photography is one of my passions, not so much for realizing it but for seeing the pictures.

thanks i will participate for sure.

Awesome! Always looking forward to meeting new people!