HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITT ❤ A Hive gift from all of us, especially for YOU!

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“There are still some wonderful people left in this world! They are diamonds in the rough, but they're around! You'll find them when you fall down– they're the ones who pick you up, who don't judge, and you had to fall down to see them! When you get up again, remember who your true friends are!” ― C. JoyBell C.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a woman on this blockchain, our resident blonde bombshell who went from being a complete stranger to an acquaintance… to an almost unfathomably helpful server admin and ultimately an incredibly special friend - a person who like a handful of others around here continued to see the light, love and good intent within me regardless of attempted environmental persuasion. Someone who has repeatedly gone out of her way and bent over backwards for me personally but also for literally countless other people here – and she continues to do so every single day, regardless of the private challenges, hurts and mountains which she faces in her life. She is the epitome of the words ” Get up, Dress up, Show up and Never Give up!” - a character of incredible strength, love and beauty – a person ANYBODY would be proud to call a friend… and TODAY (7th May) is her birthday! (Yes, I have done this post a little early so that it is already there for her when she wakes up)


I have written this post for the obvious reason of wishing you an absolutely amazing birthday, but ALSO in an attempt to spoil you on your special day and that is where everybody else comes in… Women and even more so, mothers are generally REALLY bad at spoiling or treating themselves to the things they want… so I am making an attempt to “force my hand here” haha! I am not particularly big on celebrating my own birthday, which is ironic really because it truly is a special day, especially when that person means a lot to you and adds value to your life. We had a voice chat on Tuesday and I should have asked you then, what you would get for yourself as a spoil if you could… but YOU, being YOU – were too busy offering me an ear and shoulder for the train wreck I have recently walked away from. So here I am now…

I would like to generate AS MUCH Hive as I possibly can from this post which will ALL go to you obviously so that you can put it towards something special… FOR YOU! The only thing I ask, is that you share that spoil (when you get it and whatever it may be) with the rest of us in a post at the time! Please do NOT go and power it up, lol – I know that is what we all generally do, but there ARE exceptions… and this is one of them!!!

So, to everybody else reading this – let’s do our best to spoil Britt as best we can! If you are willing... please reblog this and share it in whatever other ways you can.

ALL the earnings from this post will be transferred to brittandjosie after the full curation period.

If you would prefer to send Hive or HBD directly – you can send it to my wallet, just please be sure to add a memo relating to Britt.

I will do a follow up post showing the calculations as well as confirmation of the full balance transferred to @brittandjosie.


I hope your day is filled with laughter, smiles and an abundance of love in every direction!

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” — Walter Winchell

You are LOVED!

I have tagged a few of Britts (and my) friends so that we can make this a worthy gift. I hope none of you mind - and if you do, please accept my sincerest apologies

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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx









Happy B-Day You Awesome Gal You! Have a wonderful relaxing time of it :)

@bdmillergallery thanks brad i love a paw from the little beauty as a gift please hahahahah and a orchid

Happy Birthday, @brittandjosie!
You are an awesome gal, an inspiration to all of us!

@silversaver888 that i appreciate very much thank you

Mwah!!! Happy Birthday! XO


Is the bday party still going on?
I just saw that you celebrated a birthday!
Hope you had a truly
spectacular & unforgettable
day filled with love!


I raise my glass to you, Britt! @brittandjosie Happy, Happy Birthday! Much love to you!!!!

I wish we could go on a cruise and do that toast, for now a virtual toast back and thank you

I just told you a little earlier on LOH that I just booked two cruises, but they are down the road a bit.

I raise my glass to you again! I hope you had a great birthday!!

I know we have that cancellation aswell but a girl can wish hahahhaahha

I went ahead and made reservations anyway, they are all offering huge bonuses. Freee wifi, free dringk, free everything. If I have to cancel them, I will. I made them as far ahead as I could push it and still come out ahead.

Awesome of you to create this post @jaynie. You are correct about all the things you mentioned, and more... in regards to @brittandjosie. She's been awesomesauce since the day I met her at @theterminal. A lot of people don't care for birthdays... they want to forget the aging that's involved. But I think you understand... sometimes it's the knowing that, the birthday means you're still here!!

And... we are thankful you are... Happy Birthday @brittandjosie!!
!LUV @tipu curate !giphy Happy Birthday

As a collegue and a friend, we share so much and we thought of an awsome tag and movement yep friends bud and i love it

Happy Birthday to the queen B


Sweet king of Leo , i love it but you know us we have to do a golf aswell so here goes. untitled.gif

Thank you for the well wishes , wanna dance?

Oooh yes laaaaady in red, is daaancing with me

Yep red and all ...

Happy Birthday #brittandjosie.
Hope you have an amazing day.

I love celebrating others birthdays but when it comes to mine i would rather ignore it. 57 in a week, i think 57 birthdays are far too many im staying 35 Haha :)

Hi dear , well the numbers dont count we just celebrate , and stay as healthy as we can @karenb54 and i head a great day eventhough covid was lurking ,
I needed this i am ready for the next 365
Have a great weekend and thank you for the well wishes

Your more than welcome :)

Happy Birthday, britt, you are one of the amazing people I have ever seen... Much love for you...

Hi friend @priyanarc thank you and i am blushing by the compliments

Happy Birthday Britt!!!!!

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I immediately subscribed

Happy Birthday Britt!!!

You are a class act, every hour of every day! I hope you have an outstanding Birthday and are pampered till your hearts content. You deserve it 😁

@bdmillergallery i love it thank you so much and congrats on the new community i so am gonna enjoy and ofcourse i subscribed

Awwww... Thanks for subscribing and your very welcome! Looks like you'll have a little HIVE and HBD to spend soon 😁

Happy Birthday Britt! Sending my love from Australia!

Yeahhhh thank you my nurse friend that you took time from you busy caring job to leave me a comment you know i appreciate our friendship
Thank you for the well wishes

Happy birthday Britt. 🙂

Thank you its been a fabulous day so far , i feel blessed

This is nice to hear and I hope your nice day continues well into the future also. We are all somewhat passengers but also have the ability to act for ourselves, a fact I was reminded of very firmly this morning. So, I hope you design and create your ideal life moving forward.

Happy Birthday, Britt, have a wonderful day. Eat , drink and be merry, it's your day to shine.

Look at the cake OMG i want that hahahahhah thanks dear to many healthy more and i had a great day , we celebrated life and the age doesnt count

Your are so right, the number is irrelevant it's how you feel. I try to ring out every last drop of joy when it comes to my birthday, I am just so happy to still here.😊
So glad you had a great day.

Same here due to Covid I also had visitors today so it was great

Oohh Congratulations beautiful, many blessings, that you have a super great 💋❤️

Dear new friend Kerry, our musician in the terminal , thank you so much i love it and had a great day with all the people thinking of me

How beautiful, so must be a special day for you, thanking God for giving you one more year of life. A hug

Yes, she is an amazing woman for sure! When I gave up on myself in February 2020, she did not! I appreciate her energy, positivity, and strength.

Love you @brittandjosie

I never give up on friends and with you scott can a long and dear angel Corrie, we share a history and that counts, thank you for the well wishes wish they were in flesh in the beautiful mountains where you are now.
Be careful of the rocks dear
Talk soon
And thanks @xcountytravelers

A rarity in this world!

Very much so.

Happy Birthday to a Fabulous Hiver, who always offers us dynamism and joy. Best wishes on this new return to the sun, dear @brittandjosie. May you enjoy it very very happy next to your loved ones. A big hug from here.


Dynamic what a honour thank you i try to be and i love the platfrom and the people blogging here @marybellrg

Hello dear friend @jaynie good night
What a beautiful tribute, there is nothing more beautiful for people who remember their birthday.
Happy birthday dear friend @brittandjosie that all your wishes come true and much more because you deserve it.

Dear Engagement League master thank you for the well wishes, i means so much and made my day @jlufer

@sacra97 my gif queen gracias por el cake hahahahahah

Great idea of this post @jaynie... Thanks for the ping!
We all love Britt so there"s not much to tell but all to wish, always the best! 🤗🤗🤗

@drakernoise we miss you in the terminal due to the university studies but i am so happy that you left me a message thank you much appreciated

Happy Birthday @brittandjosie! I'm thrilled for you that @jaynie offered you a birthday banana; I think it'd be right swell if it was battery powered!


@jaynie calling me a banana ?

Hahahahah @jerrytsuseer they look at my banana

OMG that banana, i feel like some of the brown spots but dont tell anyone, i want to look and feel 35 hahahahah
Thanks for the comment its appreciated like the interaction on hive for so long already @wwwiebe

A really lovely concept @jaynie. Thank you for your awesome.

Her awsome is indeed rare and much appreciated @galenkp

Yes Britt, it truly is.

Hope your special day is the best!


Ohhhh dear feathered and race friend @melinda010100 what a great days we both have here online. Thank you for that cake and the "stolp" ( we call it ) from glass it makes me hungry

Wishing the fabulous @brittandjosie a hot diggity awesome day!!

@kaerpediem hi Sheila can i have the dogS hahahah thank you hue is adorable

@ipolatjeh1988 that is m much appreciated and i feel very honored by the blog

I love you.... 😘😘

Happy birthday @brittandjosie, you have been a great person to meet on hive and one of the best people to help others and make life that little bit better.
Best wishes on a special day.

@niallon11 a bear hug ehhhh hello is well appreciated and as an early adapter thank you for your compliment

Happy Birthday @brittandjosie !



@jaynie! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @notacinephile.

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@notacinephile thats is accepted only when you will eat with me

Okay, I'm game. 😅

Britt has been there for everyone I know, always positive in attitude, loving/living life to the full here in Hive.

Happy Birthday @brittandjosie may your New Year ahead be filled with joy.

Thanks for sharing Jaynie!

@joanstewart that just made me blush but. I love the compliment thank you i feel great

Hope the weekend carries on enjoying family and friends Britt.

It is because the covid rules only allow two people i have some visitors during this weekend and thats so much fun, so today some girls and this afternoon two mums from school and tomorrow again AND mother day, so you are commenting on a happy camper here hahahaha
Have a great wekend dear

Beetje laat, maar een super leuke verjaardag gewenst - A bit late but I wish you a wonderful birthday

Hahahahahah lieve vriendin dank je wel, dat je altijd zo attent bent , and ik heb een super dag en all die lieve bericht ren zijn zo gaaf

Happy birthday my friend. May the joy always be with you.

Dear new hive friend, in the short time you been here you made a difference thats great to see, a great hiver joined the platform and will do great and for you to wish me well aswell its great thank you its appreciated @janwar00

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Happy birthday @brittandjosie. I wish you a wonderful new chapter in your life and ever.


I want that new chapter so i accept thank you so much @stevenson7

What a great tribute to our dear, beloved Britt 😊

Happy Birthday darling. Have an amazing time🎈🤩🥳🥂

@lucyrebmann i had such an amazing day And eventhough covid is still lurking this was a top day

A wonderful Happy birthday to @brittandjosie. More years to come in good health and wealth... 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

What a surprise visit I thank you very much for the well wishes, i had an amazing day and my so many replies online that is so nice i feel blessed with the family online so thank you @starstrings01

Happy Birthday @brittandjosie! It's still May 7th here in the western USA, so I'm not actually late!

Well even if you were late I do appreciate you coming by and letting me know

Happy birthday @brittandjosie!!!
God bless you <3


Hope you are having a WONDERFUL Birthday!!