Twinkle twinkle little star

I wonder how our biggest dream would look like if we would be able to catch it in the thought and paint it on a blank canvas. We all have dreams and unfortunately we rarely think about them when we're busy with being alive. Maybe we don't have what we need, maybe we are afraid that we will fail, maybe we lack the support, maybe we're tired of so many maybe... Dreams, as beautiful as they are, seem so far away for most people. Are they really so out of reach?


I believe that our capacity to dream is the most beautiful quality of the human brain. I can sit still, looking on the window, and dream my dream away with my eyes wide open. The more you dream about what you deeply desire, the more it starts to take a hold of you. You can begin to realize that it might just come true, that your life would be so much more if only the dream would take form. Our dreams always sit dormant until something happens within that makes us want to sit no more. We can't understand this vast Universe with everything in it, but we can change ourselves when we look at the bigger picture.

Looking at a tiny star starting to shine as soon as the night settles in has always been a passion of mine. It makes me realize I am so very small. I look at the lights of the big city realizing how many lives are on a piece of land, all sparkling with dreams, love, fears, hopes. Tiny millions of people preparing for the night, waiting for the next day only to postpone the next dream. Why? Why not allow ourselves to be what we are destined for? Why not poke greatness with a stick and embrace the fact that fear is only an illusion? Why not chase after what you love knowing that future never trully comes because we always live in the present?

The biggest failures don't come from chasing a dream and not catching it, the biggest failures come from following fear. From a sense of foolish conformity, that we must obey some rules from some people who also threw their dreams away. The stars always shine even on the darkest sky. The lights will always hide people living in their tiny walls thinking they are big. We are not so big that we forget that we are small and we are never too tiny for thinking big. We all hide stars within us waiting for the night of dreams to sparkle us to life.

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This are some very good words :)
And yes some are dreams can do lot if we can use them :)

Hey! Yes, dreams can do a lot for us. I think that we need to learn more how to embrace and develop our own vision in order to tap into that potential

Thank you for reading!

We need to get out so we can move more, this days everything is being done by our governments and large corporations to isolate the human mind .

I think that books and self education in general provides a great refuge for the mind. I agree with you that there are many external influences. I also believe that it is us who control what comes in and what goes out. Books are not as popular as Tv and unfortunately this explains a lot of the struggles of the modern human mind

TVs are bad :(( I have not used them last 8+ years ... and it feels good when I not use it .

Oh amazing, I congratulate you! For me it has been 3 years and it also feels great to not have such an item where I live

Welcome to the same club :))

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