SPK Network AMA | LARYNX Miner Tokens and & SPK Tokens

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Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce another SPK Network AMA. It will be held in the SPK Network Discord. The date is Monday, May 30, at 9:30 AM Pacific Time (16:30 UTC). The topic of the AMA is two of the tokens of the SPK Network Ecosystem: LARYNX and SPK.

You can ask anything about these tokens. Questions related to the utility, future plans or details about the tokens.

The best questions will receive upvotes! So go ahead and ask away!

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About the SPK Network:

The SPK Network is a decentralized Web 3.0 protocol that rewards value creators and infrastructure providers appropriately and autonomously by distributing reward tokens so that every user, creator, and platform, will be able to earn rewards on a level playing field.


About running the spk nodes, you/we need a central place for documentation. There are some guides posted but not that easy to find, new people who want to run nodes they always ask on discord where is the documentation on what's what and how to do it. @disregardfiat is almost always present and ready to help on discord, but he can't do it all...

I'm running a spk node for almost 2 months now, currently the returns are really bad and really not worth the effort, I'm just doing it for fun really. AND if new people ask me, I still don't know the answer to "how will the larynx tokens be useful in the future".

Spooky right? How Disregard is always around, maybe he's like 50 people using one account. :p

he's just a dodgy AI chat bot

You never know, am I real?

OF course you are real, even if you ARE connected somehow to the matrix, that still counts as real :))

good to know, I was worried

Can you please explain how the threshold for spk claim node runners works in more depth....?

I understand that it's the average of the poorest half of runners that establishes the threshold to be a runner, but mathematically this can't be the only rule as by definition the lower half of the poorest half MUST be below that threshold and so NOT a runner, so if this were the case you MUST end up with only one runner unless two or more modes have exactly the same stake.

So is there a minimum, and presumably maximum number of nodes that are deemed as runners? If so what are these numbers...?


I have asked in other places about the usefulness of the LARYNX token. I felt frustrated because they told me that if you don't have a node running, it's useless to have them saved. I think this point should be clarified very well. If I don't run a node, can I get some other benefit from my LARYNX tokens or should I just sell them and that's it?

Better just keep them for now, you'll be sorry later if you sell them now at this low price.

Pronto tendrá utilidad, vas a poder delegar LARYNX a los operadores de nodos y así ganar el token SPK, así que sí vale la pena guardarlos.

Que buen comentario, esta información me gusta. Lo tendré presente. Gracias por el aporte.

In a recent teaser on Twitter, you mentioned tiers of SPK rewards, based on how the LARYNX tokens will be used: powered up, powered up and delegated to node operators, or locked up on node operators. Has a breakdown of these rewards by tier been established yet? And when are the new use cases (powering up, delegating) expected to be available?

Not sure if Delegation is such a big need for the Claim Chain. I have in the back of my mind, ‘it might be’ implemented. But why delegate anyway?

Then what about all the people who received free larynx tokens, if they don't run a node they have no use at all.

That's right and that makes sense. Why would you want to delegate if you're not getting anything as a return?

You said "Not sure if Delegation is such a big need", so people already have larynx tokens = delegation is needed for the tokens to be useful, otherwise it's all in vain...

Where on any chain on this earth can you delegate Miner? Give me one exact example please.

Right now the LARYNX tokens don't have the mining capability. When they will have, it could be a different deal, I suppose. But until then, they have no use case for the majority of holders.

I don't have an example and I don't care much about other chains. People need to be able to do something with this tokens, otherwise why they even bothered with the airdrop...

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Eagerly waiting.......

I'm very eager to know more about this network.

Give me HBD point


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Is 3Speak going to be open source so that anyone can utilize that as a basis for their video hosting site?

Nice I am awaiting eagerly.

Can you tell me please what should I do to get support from threespeak?I am new here on block chain;things seem complicated.Now I start uploading video from this netwok.

Thank you in anticipation.

I have more than 160 larynx yet, until now, I don't know what to do with it.

Bueno muchas gracias, ahora como puedo aprender para hacerme un nodo dónde recurrir para obtener información detallada.

Gracias por tu voto

Gracias por tu voto

I want to know how long the videos I'm uploading will be hosted on my 3speak channel, please?

Thanks for the information. I marked my calendar. Planning on being there.