@ura-soul - Witness Server Now Upgraded to HF26 :)

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@ura-soul witness for HIVE

Thanks to everyone who helped me deal with the niggling minor issues with upgrading my Witness node to Hard Fork 26. The server is now live again, serving blocks for Hive and the price feed is up to date too.

For anyone using @someguy123's #HIAB (Hive in a box) setup, as I am, here's a few tips that weren't recorded or highlighted enough in the guides/notes for this release (We run upgrade so rarely that it's easy to forget parts of the process):

  • Be sure to run 'install' for the Hivefeed-js package, otherwise it will throw errors that don't explain anything and you will get confused. ;)

  • Don't forget to run 'import_key' in your wallet, if starting from scratch with a fresh install.

  • @ausbitbank has a handy dandy online tool for managing witness broadcasts via hive keychain. This is really useful because I consistently find that the wallet functionality doesn't work well on Privex. This tool lets you bypass using the wallet quite a bit and will also always be available to disable your node in the event that you cannot do so from the node itself.

I look forward to ongoing evolution and expansion of the Hive blockchain. Here's to the next chapter!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Note: Witnesses are the computer servers that run the Hive Blockchain.

Without witnesses there is no Hive blockchain or DApps such as PeakD and 3Speak... You can really help Hive by making your witness votes count!

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Awesome job and I can't wait to see what all happens with this hard Fork!!!

And so far I don't see any problems! We are all online still

Thanks. Gradually we free up resources and optimise towards being able to support more interesting features and apps. There's a way to go yet, but I imagine there will be great strides made in the next 12 months. Putin willing. lol

Yeah if there is nuclear war things might be tough...

But let's hope for.the world..

Hive is so complicated I don't understand what's going on, or the purpose of this.