Uncertainty arises over older Bitcoin addresses

Hello dear readers, may this opportunity serve to socialize with all of you contextualized information about the uncertainties that have been generated about the oldest Bitcoin addresses, this after the alleged first bitcoiner Hal Finney validated the holding of the private key by using it to encrypt a message.

All the uncertainty arises after the Bitcointalk forum asked the community if they could share their oldest Bitcoin addresses, and Hal Finney, identified as OneSignature, shared a message encrypted with a private key corresponding to a public address from January 2009.

The surfacing of this address from the time when Satoshi Nakamoto was active has caused a stir. Some users began to speculate that the address possibly belonged to the creator of Bitcoin or to those early miners of the network.

However, some doubted the credibility of the message encrypted by OneSignature, so the user re-shared another message, confirming the holding of the original address on November 28.

Given the number of questions that this movement was raising, forum users took on the task of investigating its possible origin. In a screenshot shared on the forum, corresponding to the wallet of Hal Finney, the first user to receive a Bitcoin transaction and who died in 2014, it can be seen that there is a relationship with the claimed address..

After receiving the funds in 2009, they remained dormant until 2011, when they were transferred, along with another 2000 BTC, to a single address.


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