Monetary colonialism vs. Bitcoin adoption

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Hello dear readers, in spite of the instability that has been created in the cryptocurrency market in the last two weeks, there are still significant differences that place cryptocurrencies as the best option against the monetary colonialism that the powerful states impose on the economically weaker countries.

Recently the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgina Meloni, accused France of monetary colonialism by which it exploits African nations, as part of the strategy that France has been executing for decades by printing the national currencies of the most underdeveloped nations in the world.

Giorgia Meloni, Italy's prime minister accused France of the monetary colonialism with which it exploits African nations, where Bitcoin adoption is quietly growing, being considered the people's currency, for its liberating power.

Speaking in front of a television audience, Meloni said that the immigration of Africans to Italy would stop if Europe stops exploiting the people and natural resources of that continent.

The ruler condemned the monetary repression that France has maintained over Africa since the colony, since it prints the national currency used in 15 French-speaking countries, maintaining control over the money of Africans.

The truth is, for more than 10 years Africans have been struggling to gain economic independence, but their efforts have been in vain. Now, however, Bitcoin is emitting new hope as it gains popularity as the currency of the people, or of decolonization, as some Africans prefer to call it.


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Tru dat.

The current monetary system, beyond the particularities of France, is no longer adequate, and cryptocurrencies are the best alternative to compensate for arbitrariness against countries with less economic power.

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without a doubt that this must end and thank god they are the crypto muendo that serves to break the chains of the world financial monopoly

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Good point one must move forward with more force to break the chains of global financial monopoly.

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