Electronic warfare an invisible and complex battle

Hello dear readers, back to all of you in this opportunity to develop some approaches on how electronic warfare develops a whole invisible and complex battle that Ukraine has been able to use to defend itself against the Russians.

Wars in this century are no longer won by those with the most cannons, but by those with the best technology. A clear example of this is what is happening in Ukraine, where electronic warfare, also known as electromagnetic warfare, is helping the country to stand up to Russia, an enemy with an army five times its size.

It is an invisible and complex battle, on the airwaves, which allows to fight in a very different way from the conventional one, knowing the enemy's position or leaving him incommunicado.

Basically, electromagnetic warfare deals with anything that emits a signal: radios, radars, telephones, GPS or drones. For example, it has enabled the trajectory of this week's downed missile in Poland to the location of enemy positions on the ground.

This is achieved thanks to the electromagnetic waves emitted by radios, which enemy soldiers use to communicate, but which give away their position, the possibilities of electronic or electromagnetic warfare are vast: they can jam satellite signals.

In addition to launching high-frequency waves that literally 'fry' electronic circuits, to deflecting missiles, as has happened in Ukraine, or knocking down remote-controlled drones by blocking the signal that directs it.


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