Anthony Fauci, the apostle of science, sounding off on AIDS

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Image: screen grab from the alleged 1983 ABC News interview of Anthony Fauci

In a clip linked above - with you should watch as it is actually rather short - Dr Anthony Fauci, a young but fast-advancing government scientist, hypothesizes that those infected with AIDS could transmit it to children through regular household contact. Best we can tell now, no substantive evidence has ever existed in furtherance of such a hypothesis. In short, best we can tell the esteemed doctor was talking straight out of his ass.

But as it was, it was by one of the leading media channels of the time and doubtlessly contributed to the climate of fear surrounding AIDS and those afflicted with it. And yes, his words had real world consequences - consequences such as people being afraid to even touch AIDS patients, the sufferers being rejected by their families, buried in unmarked graves, etc.

And now we are asked to unquestioningly trust Dr Fauci on COVID-19. Why should we?


Kennedy W. Roberts' tweet
9 November 2021

Video Resurfaces of Fauci Warning ‘Household Contact’ with AIDS Patients Could Put Kids at Risk
Isaac Schorr, National Review, 9 November 2021

Anthony Fauci: a messenger of science or a psychological manipulator?
@borepstein , 18 December 2021

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Everyone who wants to know more about how fucked up Fauci is, he presided over the Aids Epedmic and you can see how fucked up he made things by watching the movie Dallas Buyers Club. Matthew McConaughey is in the movie and plays a character who is like a Libertarian sort of person who makes an underground market for selling needed medical supplies to people with Aids.

The people who buy the products(vitamins and other combinations of over the counter meds) immediately start to get better and live longer. Aids at the time was demonized by all Media/Govt/Govt officials and they viewed people with Aids as scum and let them die by the tens of thousands. Wouldn't give them proper medical care and didn't care to find the truth. The truth was only found by other people who were outside the corrupt Big Pharma system.

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I have briefly covered the AIDS anti-viral human experimentation Fauci signed off on too - real Third Reich level evil shit:

One can easily influence ignorant people with the mass media.

Yes! And you should check out #deepdives and #informationwar as we work to expose the corruption of the media.

Yes! And you should check out #deepdives and #informationwar as we work to expose the corruption of the media.

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