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At this point in my life, I am overwhelmed with mixed emotions, I don’t know if I should be happy or confused or sad. It was a difficult moment for me as I kept trying to process my thoughts and my emotions. I am excited that I’m about to begin a new phase in my life and then I am a bit unsure about what the future holds but in all, I am ready to explore life and achieve a lot.


Last year April when I got my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) letter and I was posted to the north, I cried my eyes out. I had plans of going over to a place far away from home but the north wasn’t part of my decision. Well, I had zero choices at this point because my parents already said I had to take it and I am going whether I like it or not. They made me see that I was about to experience a new life all on my own.

As usual, the NYSC starts with a 3-week camp, where we get to stay in a particular environment for 3 weeks and learn about the NYSC program and also go through some training sessions as we are meant to serve the country. When I got to the camp area, I didn’t like it and I had to adjust because that was my first time staying in the hostel. After a few days, I made some friends and then I finally adapted to the place.


When the 3 weeks elapsed we were all sent to our place of assignment where we got to work for the state in one way or another. I was sent to a Private Tertiary institution. I didn’t want to teach. When I first saw it, I had people tell me to reject it. Well, this time I didn’t let anyone decide for me so I accepted it and I became a Microbiology lecturer.


I had a different view of the North but then I met something different. These people have to be the most accommodating people on Earth. Yes, there was a language barrier and also a religion barrier but then I was able to blend in so well. They made me feel accepted. Even though sometimes I still want to go home to my mummy hehe.

I got to learn a bit of their language since that was the most common language spoken there instead of English. I learned how to eat their food, some were accepted by my taste buds, while my taste buds rejected some of it. Either way, I loved every bit of it. I got some outfits from them also, I learned how to wear the Abaya and hijab and I was able to understand certain things regarding their culture.



The Security in charge of our accommodation calls me a Smiling girl because whenever I say Hi to him I always have a smile on my face. It wasn’t easy but I am super happy I got posted to this place and now I have an experience on how things work in the North and how things work in another Religion. Oh by the way call me “Hauwa” instead of “Bee”😁😁


Anyway, I am done with serving and right now I am on to a new phase of life. I am going to take it one step at a time and I will eventually be Pawfect.

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Thanks for stopping by💕
Cheers 🥂

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Congratulations darling, I'm super proud of you dear, welcome to the favor market...

Thank you so much Tari☺️💙 I really appreciate

You're welcome 🥰🥰

Congratulations babes... It's sure going to get better from here. Cheers to more celebration your way❤

Thank you babe☺️

Congratulations 🎉 dear Hauwa I wish you more success ahead. During POS one will definitely have a mix of emotions and like you said, take it one step at a time and I'm pretty sure you will figure things out.

Take out the religious and language barrier, northern people are very cool types to be around.


You are right these northerners are simply the best.
Thank you so much☺️☺️

You have grown and matured. Welcome to the world of exploring new cultures and having wanderlust my B with the 5 e's.

Life is what we make it, grab it by the horns and go for it. You can do anything as you are pawfect. Let's see what happends when you get back home and the emotions come down a little!

Congratulations super teacher and safe trip home.

You are always the best Uncle Ed, thank you so much☺️

Really glad for you dear. It's evident that you've learnt so many wonderful things that you now carry with you. All the best to you in your new phase, Bee-Hauwa.🥰

Aww, thank you so much Jhymi☺️ I really appreciate

You're very welcome. Have a wonderful weekend.🥰

You too☺️

Ehhh.... Congratulations Bee🎉🎉. You finished well.

It is okay to be overwhelmed, you are because it's a new phase and you haven't experienced it before. I pray you get it right in this new phase.

Even though sometimes I still want to go home to my mummy hehe.

Why will you want to go to mummy ehn, you are not the last born, let mummy breath! 😏😏

I'm going to change your name to Hauwa, besides, what's the meaning of Hauwa ?

Thank you my last born😁😁
Hauwa means Eve

Because I am not last born I should not go to my mummy 😂😂😂

The same Eve that ate the apple o😂.

Because I am not last born I should not go to my mummy 😂😂😂


Yes the same first woman😂😂😂
You crack me up 😂😂😂

Congratulations 🎉 more grace to greater heights dear Hauwa🤩

Congratulations on your civil service action in the community.
The second phase of your journey just started after the reception of your certificate.
Thank you so much

Thank you so much, I really appreciate

 last month  


Thank you

Congratulations to you🎇

Wish you more success ahead and accomplishment of dreams💝

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Awww that was so brave of you to accept to go there to serve.
Congratulations dear, we’re so proud of you


Thank you so much☺️☺️ I appreciate

Congratulations on completing your service. Well done.
Moving away from and checking out other cultures is the best way to appreciate the larger world and to accept the similarities in all humans, along with the diversity with makes for rich experiences. I am happy you had a good learning experience and I am sure this experience will shape you very well in all you do in the future. Well written.

Cheers from a fellow #dreemerforlife

Thank you so much for stopping by☺️☺️ I am glad I got to encounter such an experience

Congratulations Beeeee Hauwa babygirl!!!! I think I like the new name better😊

Anyways, I have always had mixed feelings about this NYSC of a thing. The stress and all but in the end, it is worth it yeah?

Thank you Wongi ☺️☺️

Yes I think it is worth it, amidst the stress you get to experience something new.

Alright Alright:)

Congratulations Hauwa. I'm glad the North treated you very right. We want to hear more of that. Yes, you do have a beautiful smile #dreemerforlife


Thank you so much ☺️☺️

I'm so happy for you, congratulations to you sis.

Thank you Jessy☺️☺️☺️

Congratulations Hauwa 🎉😃.

Your one-year service is over. The experience is worth it. Glad you made a choice. Blessings dear. 🙏 💗